Feedback from using the list and applying for scholarships.

I compiled this list of over 5,000 scholarships to help others and to help my grandchildren get money for college so as to not fall into the loan trap. So I am probably the first to go thru this list and actually use it to apply for scholarships. Here is what I have learned from this. (Note I use improved modern spelling. Don't do this on an essay. But English is in a state of change and we can influence it.)

First Create a simple text file with the student's name, e-mail address, street address, year of graduation from HS, Which High School, and his high school GPA. By copying and pasting long items I saved time and put in nearly 30 applications on a Saturday afternoon all on the Internet of course. They almost always ask for birth date and fone number. I recommend making up a phony one using the same year and month the student was born but “make a “typo” on the date. For fone number find an old cell fone number you had or find a number that does not belong to anyone but in your area that does not belong to anyone. Try it by calling it several times at different times. They will test your e-mail but you don't want to open the door to Pandora's fone number box. If they ask too many personal questions just don't answer them. You can also use the student's shortened name such as Wm for William. You can probably leave off middle initials. They like to ask about people living in the household and income. It may be convenient to state the student has his own household and his occupation is student. This dodges the employers questions. For income you can state that it is under $12,000 a year, or the lowest bracket on the list. After all who knows the student's personal situation. If he considers himself a household of one this would only be challenged when financial need is a major factor. You can deal with that carefully. They almost all ask for gender, race, ethnicity, and whether you are American Indian or Hispanic, or a minority because these often factors. There are scholarships for females, Hispanics and minorities. They also often ask about your status such as High School graduate, College Freshman and when you started or will start college.

The above is what is asked for on most applications.

Some of the sites send you to other sites and you may discover you have already filled out one or more applications on those sites. You also may be asked to do surveys. This may lead to many more questions some of which may be personal in nature. It is doubtful that they will check your answers but if you feel threatened or feel the question is too personal you may be able to respond that you do not know or give what answer you feel comfortable giving. You may be offered opportunities to get paid for doing marketing or surveys. It is best to read their privacy policies.

You may be asked to write a short essay. I was able to do several of these but did them in a word processor so I can spell and grammar check them. I also save them for possible reuse. I personally use Open Source software such as Open Office or Libre Office because I can use it on every machine I own and don't have to pay tribute to the Microsoft God every year and do not have to sign in every time I use it. And they are not tracking what I do which Windows and MS Office does. And when the Internet is not available with Office 365 it tells me I am not registered and refuses to work even after I have already paid them hundreds. You can do 95% of everything in Libre Office and save your documents as Word files.

A few sites want you to start a trial subscription such as Scholarship Owl which will enter you in free drawing but it wants to sign you up for $10-$69 monthly subscription. Looks like a great site but you need to check out any site first and avoid giving anyone your credit card numbers.

$100,000 Your Opinion Matters Sweepstakes wanted to track where you go and what you do on the Internet and exactly what you watch on TV. They want to install an app in your computer to do this. It is bad enough that Big Brother is tracking our Internet use already (I speak from actual knowledge). Who are they going to share this info with? Could this possibly be used against you? Can you really trust them? Of course you could always use another machine such as your laptop or fone to do private things. But you should give it some thought before you allow them to install any app on your machine which may even be able to log your passwords and bank account numbers etc. Of course they will say that that is not possible, but it is. That type of program is called a key logger.

Commerce Bank is great they put you in a drawing for a scholarship and they try to sell you a loan. That is OK at least they are up front about it.

Many other sites have advertising on them and may also try to steer you to a college or loan company.

Don't give anyone your Social Security Account Number. It is none of their damn business until you win and then and only then should you release it.