Scholarship List in A-Z order 5,000 listed. Read all of this Introduction.

Many are benefiting from this time saver and so can you.

Many scholarships requiring short essays are not applied for and often go unused.

Billions of dollars in Scholarships, Grants, Fellowships, funds etc. go unapplied-for yearly.

Because this list is huge, to save space I sometimes use abbreviations or cut words to keep on fewer lines. If I did not do this the document would be much longer. Abbreviations: Sclrp or Sp= SCHOLARSHIP, JH Junior High School, HS HIGH SCHOOL, HSup = high school and college, UG = undergrad (often omitted as not necessary), G = graduate studies. Assn = Association , Cntst = Contest, Fndn = foundation, Comptn = Competion, Mem = Memorial, Pgm = Program, AA = Afirmative action, Afn = African, Asn = Asian, Blk = black, Bus = Business, Coll =College, Com = communication, Comty = Community, Constr = Construction, des = descendant this includes sons daughters grandchildren, Dvrsy = Diversity, Edm = Endowment, edu = education, Engr = Engineer, Engrng = Engineering, FinNd = based on financial need, Hspn = Hispanic, IT = Information Technology, Intrnsp = Internship, mbr = member, Merit = based on grades, and test scores, NtvAm = Native American, rd = random drawing, res = resident, U = University, wd = words, yr = years To save space some unneeded words often omitted such as: The, Contest, Scholarship, Fund, Memorial, Program, acronyms, first names,middle initials. I am adding the word “kids” to allow searching for grade school funds.

I have not listed details because they change monthly. This list last revised Mar 24 2017.

Unless mentioned otherwise these scholarships are for college students who are US citizens with good GPA

There are MORE additional not listed scholarships for each college in the USA, and for each state county and High School based on residence. You can easily search for these yourself.

Humans should be Humane

Meaning we should bring no harm to another by our actions or inaction. In other words we should support the Universal Code of Conduct for all Humans as being the Golden Rule (That we should always do to others only what we would want to be done to ourselves; and the Silver Rule of Do not do do to another what you would not want done to yourself.)

There is no such thing as race in present day humans. We are all the same race. There are minor variations which include color of skin, eyes, hair, shape and size of body parts etc. I am totally opposed to discrimination by so called race. Therefore I am not going to allow on my list any kind of reference to skin color, etc.

I have been told that this is the most complete list of its kind available for free and I already have companies begging me to include their information gathering schemes here which I refuse to do. Many scholarship applications already in my opinion ask too many personal questions. I feel it is unsafe to release one's social security number, birth date, bank account number and location and any other personal info that could be used to steal your identity. Be careful. You should ask what does the scholarship giver get for giving you a scholarship. For many it is a tax write off, or the satisfaction of helping a fellow American. But also for many it is the gathering of your information which is then put into a database and sold to advertisers such as student loan sellers or others who will pay them to advertise on their website. Some sites also steer students away from or towards their foes or friends in the business world. It is good general practice to check with several sources to get accurate information. Of course you could also make a “mistake” in giving your actual birth “day.” Could you register under your “pet name” rather than your actual name? When it comes to cutting the check you could simply advise of the true legal name. Whether or not this would disqualify you is unknown, legally probably not but at least it would make you less vulnerable to ID thieves. Also it may be a good idea to set up separately through applications to advertisements a phony self with the phony birth date perhaps even address and put many of them out there which is great at confusing the crooks. Some people used a social security number of a deceased person with the same name. You are not committing fraud as you are not trying to get anything, only protecting yourself but ID thief gets caught because the credit card application is declined because the person is deceased.

Here is a link to more information on scams

Beware of scams data minors and marketeers. You are cautioned to check them out before you give your personal information. I am not able to do so because of time ( and I am just one senior citizen without resources or money) and be aware these sites are changing monthly. I am therefore not responsible if any of the sites listed below turn out to be a scam. Please notify me immediately if you find any so I can remove them. Most of these are good folks who want to help students go to college. Or get paid by advertising for others such as loan companies.

Quick find markers like m mm allow going to a letter quickly. Use Ctrl+F (FIND)

Please advise me of CHANGES/ERRORS so I can keep this list up to date. Your help is needed in this.

Send corrections to me Professor Wesley Arnold e-mail

Google the name for current web address and details.

--- ---- --- Most Drawing and Easy Scholarships are here at the top to help you. ---- ----- ---- -

If I saw drawing or sweepstakes on their site I included drawing in the description.

If it appears to be easy I put easy in the description. Give me feed back so I can make this list more accurate. Also if the scholarship is closed that does not necessarily mean it will not reopen. If you discover that a scholarship no longer exists let me know so I can remove it.

  1. $500 Because College is Expensive By Graduate Programs Foundation. “is open to all students seniors in high school, current UGs and grad students and those planning on enroling” Must register on their website. Random Drawing. The following link gets you to multiple drawings

  2. $1,000 “CollegeWeekLive is awarding a $1,000 scholarship just for viewing and visiting US colleges online. Winning is easy - all you need to do is login to at and visit 5 colleges that interest you. One lucky winner will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship and many other winners may find the college of their dreams.” appears to be a random drawing$5,000-Scholarship

  3. $1,000 (12 Awards) Commerce Bank Scholarship Sweepstakes. Selected at random

  4. $20,000 High School Senior Cntst Open to “High School Seniors who want to pursue a college degree or trade school education. Enter for the chance to win 1 of 10 $2,000 College Scholarships.” Drawing

  5. $5,000 “Second Chance College Scholarship Cntst Open to anyone who has graduated high school or equivalency and wants to pursue a college degree or trade school education. Enter for the chance to win 1 of 5 $1,000 College Scholarships.”

  6. $2,000 American Fire Sprinkler Assn AFSA High School sclrp “The High School Senior Scholarship Cntst is open to high school seniors who wish to pursue a college degree or technical education. Ten winners will be randomly chosen, and each winner will receive a $2,000 prize that will be paid directly to the accredited educational institution of the winner’s choice, to be used for tuition and/or books for the Fall 2016 semester. To enter, high school seniors can visit, where they will read an educational essay with information about fire sprinklers. After reading, the student will then be asked to take a ten-question, multiple-choice reading comprehension test. For each question answered correctly, students will receive one entry into a drawing for one of the ten $2,000 scholarships.  A total of ten entries into the drawing are possible.”

  7. $1,000 more than one monthly and $10,000 quarterly drawings. All winners are allegedly randomly selected from the total points. “The ScholarshipPoints program was created in 2006 to help students win scholarships without the hassle of filling out paper applications and writing dozens of essays. By participating in the Comty, high school and college students can earn points and enter scholarship drawings through their daily internet activities. is owned and operated by Edvisors, a company dedicated to helping students plan and pay for college. To date, Edvisors has given away more than $750,000 through the ScholarshipPoints program.

  8. $1,000 Lazy Day Celebrate this day of mandatory relaxation Perfect Day sclrp drawing The more points you spend, the more chances you'll have to win

  9. $1,000 Do has many seasonal scholarships check for new ones

  10. $5,000 Keep Friends safe by discouraging texting while driving. Share a text-message to make an entry

  11. $1,000 Every Month Scholarship to all fields of study GotChosen register and enter the monthly random drawing. doesn’t require a good GPA, essay or long form

  12. $5,000 Gotchosen sclrp is a random drawing. eligibility is not based on financial need or academic performance no essay

  13. $10,000 Upvote Scholarship “To be eligible for the $10,000 scholarship drawing you must complete these 5 steps: Register Apply for the scholarship Add a photo to your profile Post on any channel Get upvotes for your post. You will earn an entry for every upvote during the Cntst. There is no limit to the number of entries you can earn with upvotes.”

  14. $1,000 Sallie Mae’s College Planning Sweepstakes HSup monthly random drawing

  15. $10,000 Scholarship Zone Drawing

  16. $5,000 Diabetes four $5,000 sclrps will be awarded randomly to an incoming freshmen with type 1 diabetes

  17. $1,000 open to all students Complete the online application form. Will be selected based on completeness of application and random selection.

  18. $1,000 Course sclrp monthly drawing Must answer short answer questions They also have a $3,000 and $5,000 Sclrp “No Purchase Or Payment Necessary To Enter Or Win. Making A Purchase Does Not Increase Your Chances Of Winning. The Course Hero, Inc. Monthly Scholarship Cntst (the “Cntst”) is sponsored by Course Hero, Inc. “To apply for any Course Hero scholarships, you’re required to sign up for a free account.” “(“Course Hero”).

  19. $1,000 Give Course Advice at Course Hero. “To apply for any Course Hero scholarships, you’re required to sign up for a free account.”

  20. $3,000 Upload 8 Study Documents at Course Hero. “To apply for any Course Hero scholarships, you’re required to sign up for a free account.”

  21. $5,000 Share on Social Media at Course Hero. “To apply for any Course Hero scholarships, you’re required to sign up for a free account. However, no purchase is necessary, and you don’t have to upgrade your mbrship unless you want to.“

  22. $2,000 "No Essay" College Scholarship™ Open to all high school and college students. Simply log in or create a free account “

  23. $10,000 College Express This is one scholarship you don’t need to complete a special application for! Just register on this site or fill out a response card in one of Carnegie Coms' magazines

  24. 10 Words or Less easy $500 Anyone who is between the ages of 14-25 who will be attending school provided by to apply Go to On the left "10 Words or Less Scholarship". In the comment section underneath 10 Words answer the following: In 10 words or less, tell us why you deserve the $500 sclrp. Before or After writing your Answer you will also need to "Like" our Facebook page. Note we will only read the answers provided from people that have "Liked" our page.

  25. Asking pharmacies to remove tobacco products from eye-level shelves using social media $5,000 easy

  26. Booze and cruise $2,000 easy Learn how to stop a friend from driving drunk enter you phone number and they give you tips on how to stop a friend from drinking and driving. Can save many lives one at a time

  27. Castle Ink easy Post something about recycling on social media use the hashtag #CastleInk. linking to fill out the application or. Make something cool out of used printer ink cartridges, laser toner, or your old printer. Snap a picture of it, and send it over to us

  28. easy $3,000 Answer 3 questions

  29. Chegg $1000 easy monthly sclrp must submit a short application online telling a quote they live by and why it is important to them. active in Comty service.

  30. CKSF Funds easy $250 to $2,500 for just taking “common knowledge” quizzes All U.S. high school, college, and G students are eligible.

  31. College easy$10,000 to students who do not wish to write a bunch of essays and paper applications.

  32. College jumpstart easy $1000 merit answer question 250 words

  33. College Money easy $1,000 HSup

  34. College Prowler easy $2000 No Essay Scholarship monthly random drawing

  35. weekly easy participate in site's discussions some got $20,000 in combined sclrps

  36. CollegeSTEPS easy $1000 HSup raffle

  37. CollegeSTEPS easy Sweepstakes $1,000 x160 age 14 up-college

  38. CollegeSteps easy Sweepstakes $5000

  39. CollegeWeekLive,com monthly easy $1,000 login visit 3 virtual college booths eligible the drawing.

  40. Community College easy $500 all current and prospective community college students. Simply log in or create a free account

  41. Common Knowledge easy Fndn $250-$5,000 Take a quiz opportunity to win

  42. Countdown to College Scholarship Potential Magazine easy $1000 teens in grades 9th-12th.

  43. CPAexcel easy $2,500 1 accounting course random drawing.

  44. Create-a-Greeting Card easy $10,000 for Bus use.

  45. easy $1,000 submit a photograph required “like” Facebook page

  46. Design-A-Sign easy $1000 banner design that expresses your future dreams and goals you hope to achieve through higher education. decided by online public voting

  47. Digital Privacy easy $1,500 submit brief message about digital privacy

  48. Digital Privacy easy A 140-character message is required. Top 10 finalists must write essay.

  49. Do something scholarships many easy

  50. Do-Over sclrp easy $1500 All students can apply

  51. Don’t Booze & Cruise stop friend from driving drunk easy $2,000

  52. Don’t text and drive HSup easy $1,500 msg why you pledge

  53. Don’t Text and Drive easy complete a short statement on why you pledge not to text and drive in order to qualify for this award. Must complete this statement with a 140 character sentence: I pledge to not text and drive because…. After selection 10 finalists, the winner will be chosen on a 500-1,000 word essay

  54. Doodle 4 Google $30,000 art Cntst to students K-12, the Google Doodle easy sclrp ‘Google Doodle’ based on the topic “If I Could Invent One Thing to Make the World a Better Place…”

  55. E-waste sclrp $1,000 easy send 140 character message about e-waste. Top 10 applicants will be asked to write 500 essay about e-waste.

  56. End of Year sclrp $5,000 easy just 3-steps answer

  57. Fastweb Invite a Friend to Fastweb $500 easy monthly invite friend to join Fastweb. Once your friend registers you’re both entered

  58. you just have to make an account, answer a few questions and sclrps find you. $2,000 easy no essay sclrp, all fields of study, available to any student

  59. Flavor of the month easy taste ice cream flavors

  60. FortOnFleek Challenge $1,000 easy build fort out of blankets share an image or video on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #FortOnFleek and the tag @dormbedding. Must be 16

  61. College Factual $1,000 easy

  62. A GPA Isn’t Everything Cappex Monthly easy $1,000 simply requires you to fill out basic information about yourself and your educational background and college plans. To help you pay for college, Cappex provides an easy scholarship every month. Because a GPA isn't everything, there is no GPA requirement and no essay to write! All you have to do is create a Cappex profile and tell us what you do in your free time

  63. Help One Friend Register to Vote $5000 easy sclrp No essay kids be 13-25

  64. I Have A Dream $1,500 easy short written response 250 words for 'We want to know, what do you dream about?

  65. Ice cream ofmonth $1,500 easy write paragraph about an invented ice cream flavor that best reflects your personality

  66. Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich $25,000 easy Create sandwich recipie kids 6 – 12

  67. Jif Peanutbutter sandwhich recipie $25,000 easy or wins $2,500

  68. Jump Start $1,000 easy to better their life

  69. Lazy Day Celebrate $1,000 Perfect Day easy drawing more chances to win

  70. Local thru Comty service kids ages 13-25 easy no essays

  71. Make anti-smoking card $5,000 easy kids ages 13-25

  72. Make Me Laugh $1500 All easy 250 words incident in your life funny or embarrassing (fact or fiction), and make us laugh!”

  73. Make ThankYou Cards for Soldiers $5,000 easy Mail a handmade card to A Million Thanks who will give them to service mbrs, helping them

  74. Make Valentine's Day Card for Senior $4,000 easy

  75. My Mozaic Monthly easy $500

  76. OP Loftbed $500 easy sclrp short answers to three questions

  77. Pet Pic $5,000 easy Protect Animals from Secondhand Smoke RUF for dogs! Purrfect!
  78. PicMonkey College $1,000 making web apps do your bidding Take our easy survey submit photo 250wd story behind the photo for a chance to win

  79. Play a Game $5,000 easy of Would You Rather On Your Phone! $5,000

  80. Poem All I Need Slam $1,000 easy write poem about one thing you need. one thing you can't live without. sclrp winner will be chosen from poems.

  81. Post to Win easy $10,000 -must create one post. Get 5 up votes for your post.

  82. Pregnancy Test easy Send friends a sassy text baby to take care of for a day to start the convo about teen pregnancy $2,000 easy scholarship.

  83. Quick application course hero $1,000 easy answer one question in less than 500 characters be entered to win Winners will be chosen based on short-answer responses so be creative! 

  84. Sallie Mae’s $1,000 easy Sweepstakes HSup monthly random drawing

  85. Scholarship Detective Launch $1,000 easy To celebrate our launch we are awarding two $1,000 college scholarships. To enter just complete this application including a 140 character or less statement on how you plan to use the scholarship money.

  86. ScholarshipOwl $1,000 easy

  87. ScholarshipDetective $1,500 is a free sclrp search engine. To enter just complete this application including an easy 140 character or less statement on how you plan to use the sclrp money.

  88. Scholarships General No Essay $1,000 easy monthly

  89. School Insider Do Something $1000 easy

  90. School Your School $1,000 easy Share tips with friends to help make school more fair for everyone

  91. Second Chance easy Contest $1,000 Random Drawing

  92. ShirtSpace sclrp $2,500 & $100 easy kids13 or older. Design blank T-shirt to represent yourself. Post foto with 200wd describ design

  93. Social network sclrp $5,000 easy The post with the highest number of votes at the end of the month wins No GPA, essay, or financial need requirements. Open to all fields of study,

  94. Superpower $2,500 for only typing easy 250 word or fewer msg Which superhero would you want to change places with for a day and why?

  95. Technology Addiction Awareness $1,000 HSup easy to 140-character statement that completes this sentence: Instead of spending time with technology, I'd rather...Selecting winner: 10 finalists based on the content of the 140-character message. will be selected based on the content and creativity 500-1,000-word essay.

  96. Tell Pharmacies to Remove Tobacco From Shelves! $5,000 easy enter to win

  97. Tweet for Success $500 easy

  98. Twitter scholarship- $1400 easy for the winner

  99. Twitter Scholarships easy The new easy sclrp essay of today. The Twitter sclrp essay is only 140 characters!/scholarships 

  100. U.S. Bank No essay easy just register 5,000-20,000

  101. U.S. BANK 40 $1,000 easy for simply being an American citizen who will be or is attending college. All you have to do is fill out some basic information about yourself and then the applications will be drawn at random.

  102. $1,000 U.S. Bank Financial Genius 40 $1,000 easy HS Scholarship Sweepstakes

  103. VIP Voice sclrp $5,000 easy chance

  104. You Deserve It sclrp $1,000 easy monthly drawing Must register with ScholarshipOwl 1 chance in 1500. Winner will allow ScholarshipOwl to publish Winner’s name

  105. Zinch $1,000 easy HS every week based on 2-3 sentence response to week's question.

  106. hosts three­ sentence easy essay $1,000. Cntst every week. All you have to do is write three sentences based on the weekly essay Cntst, and you are eligible to win

  107. Zoomita no essay easy $1,000 For ALL HS requires a short response to mystery question.

There may be more Easy Sclrps scattered below.

---------------- -------------- A-Z -------------- ------------- -------------

  1. 1st Marine Division Assn $1,750 dependents http://www.1stmarinedivisionAssn .org

  2. 36 Boy Scout sclrps at local schools

  3. 4 Moms sclrps $10,000

  4. 4th infantry division Assn sclrp: must be a blood relative, current Assn mbr in good standing; must be a U.S. citizen.

  5. 50 Years of Service sclrp  for Macomb Community College students an essay explaining what your future goals are. This sclrp money will go towards tuition, fees, books, and other educational expenses.

  6. $500 Adjunct Faculty of Macomb Community College (AAFMCC) $500 each fall and winter term) for one child of an adjunct instructor to take classes at MCC.

  7. a aa marker for quick searching

  8. A computer programming superstar Microsoft sclrp Program majors in computer science, computer Engrng or a related math (STEM) earn up to a year of full tuition along with 12-week summer internship at Microsoft.

  9. A-OK Student Reward Program Navy dependents $1,000 up

  10. A.C.E.C. Research Management Fondtn $2,500 Engrng; Bus Admin

  11. AAAEA College sclrp Arab Engineer, Architect or Computer Science student, mbr of AAAEA. $1,000, $1,500, or $2,000

  12. AABB Suzanne Ledin Travel Award Blood Banking $1,500

  13. AAC sclrp $5,000 -$2500 students pursuing careers in behavioral health and addiction–related studies, nursing, counseling, psychology, social work, marriage, family therapy, or other program focusing on treating mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

  14. AACE International Competitive sclrp Program Engrng, Constr management, building Constr, computer sciences, Bus, quantity surveying, or information technology. Applicants must not be otherwise gainfully employed.

  15. AACT’s John Kitt Memorial sclrp Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, we found the most scrumptious sclrp for you. Sponsored by the American Assn of Candy Technologists, confectionery technology. majoring in food science

  16. AAST/KCI Research Grants: research in the area of wound care

  17. AAU Karate sclrp 4 yr participants $1000

  18. AAUS Student sclrps $3000 divers

  19. AAUW International Fellowships for Women AAUW full-time study or research in the United States to women who are not United States citizens or permanent residents. Preference is given to women who show prior commitment to the advancement of women and girls through civic, Comty, or professional work. Master’s/Professional Fellowship: $18,000 Doctorate Fellowship: $20,000 Postdoctoral Fellowship: $30,000

  20. Abbey Road Green Ticket sclrp $500 reward for those who are committed to protecting the environment and their local Comty. They offer full tuition sclrps, and two semi full tuition sclrps.

  21. Abbott and Fenner Bus Solutions: Describe your educational career and life goals. Explain your plan for achieving these goals. $1000 500 and 1000 words.

  22. Abdul Sheikh Society Endowed sclrp to Macomb Community College students. for tuition, required fees, and books Financial Aid, Online Automated sclrp Information System

  23. ABE Judith Holm Memorial Social Work Award $2,000 to assist second-year G students who plan to become clinical social workers.

  24. Abercrombie & Fitch Anti-Bullying sclrp $2,500 every year for three years essay

  25. Abrahamson & Uiterwyk sclrp $1,500

  26. Academic many are listed here

  27. Accountemps Student Sclrsp $10,000 AICPA mbrs

  28. Accounting CPAexcel Sclrsp $2,500

  29. Accounting IMA Memorial Education Fund $2,500

  30. Accounting Internal Auditing Esther Sawyer $5,000

  31. Accounting National Academic Sclrsp $3,000

  32. Accounting NSA Sclrsp $2,000

  33. Accounting Pricewaterhouse Ascend Sclrsp $3,000

  34. Accounting TACTYC Accounting Sclrsp $1,000

  35. Ace Mi.   $4,000, $5000

  36. ACI West Michigan Chapter sclrp interest in Constr field and concrete. $1000

  37. American Criminal Justice Assn Nat Student Paper Comptn mbr essay.

  38. Account Control Fndn Second-Yr sclrp 25 $1,000

  39. Active Leader $1000 sclrp essay why knowing what’s happening is vital to your success as a student.

  40. Active Life Tackle Your Weakness to current high school and college students HSup $1000

  41. Actuarial Fondtn ooddy $2,000

  42. Actuarial Fondtn Huntington

  43. Actuarial Fondtn Actuary of Tomorrow $7,500

  44. Actuarial Fondtn Dvrsy

  45. Actuarial science Simpson Sclrsp $1,000

  46. Actuary of Tomorrow Robertson

  47. Acuity Training sclrp for Outstanding Leadership Award $1000. Your video entry should ideally be three to four minutes in length.

  48. Ada King Summer $7,000 Russian

  49. Adams Dr. Alma S. sclrp $5,000 service to Comty. reducing alcohol, tobacco and drug use is preferred

  50. ADHA Institute for Oral Health Fund $2,000

  51. ADHD sclrp by Shire $2000 Volunteer and extracurricular activities Personal essay describing how

  52. ADHE Governor's Scholars Distinguished Scholars Award merit pays up to $10,000 per year. an award of $4,000 per year.

  53. Adjunct Faculty of Macomb Community College (AAFMCC) $500 each fall and winter term) for one child of an adjunct instructor to take classes at MCC.

  54. Admiral Mike Boorda sclrp Navy & Marines $500-3,000

  55. Adult Skills Education Award $1,000 must take test

  56. Adult Students in Scholastic Transition $10,000 major life tran

  57. Advanced Education WOCN nursing $-+ Sclrp

  58. Advancing Aspirations Global sclrp $5,000 essay

  59. Advertising; Animation; Architecture; Cartooning; Crafts; Film/video; Design; Photography Worldstudio Fndn $5,000

  60. Advice to Your High School Self sclrp $2,500 Students approaching graduation from college or recent college grads

  61. AEL Collegiate Essay Cntst Essay

  62. AEL Collegiate essay Cntst. http://infoguides.

  63. Aetna Foundation/NMF Healthcare Leadership Program $5,000 10 Awards second or third year medical students at accredited U.S. medical school.

  64. AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness $5000+ essay on Alzheimers

  65. AFCEA Sgt. Jeannette Winters, USMC veteran Memorial $2,000 Scholarships

  66. Affirmative Action Mini Grants Afn Asn Native Amrn Hspn in criminology essay

  67. Afn-American CBC Spouses Education sclrp for of ALL MAJORS

  68. Afn-American CBC Spouses Heineken USA Performing Arts $3,000

  69. Afn-American CBC Spouses Visual Arts Afn $3,000 merit, FinNd

  70. Afn-American CBCF General Mills Health $2,000

  71. AFSA $20,000 High School sclrp $2,000 ten-question open book test. For each question answered correctly, applicant receives one entry into drawing for

  72. AfterCollege Sales & Marketing Student sclrp $500 interested in a career in Sales or Marketing.

  73. AfterCollege Succurro sclrp- up to $4,000 AfterCollege profiles used as criteria to select recipients

  74. AGA sclrps Cmty Service be in financial management in service project. Apply @:

  75. Against the Grain Groundbreaker Leadership sclrp. Asn Amrn college seniors and grads who exhibited exemplary leadership, vision $1,500

  76. AGC education and Research Fndn G Award $7,500 in a Constr G degree program

  77. AGC Sclrp Fund $2,500 civil Engrng diesel

  78. Agnes Jones Jackson sclrp $2,000 be mbr of NAACP FinNd

  79. Agricultural & Biological Engineerss Adams Sclrsp $1,200

  80. Agricultural Cooperative Studies $750 vo-tech or community college http://www.chs

  81. Agricultural Studies $600 vo-tech or community college

  82. Agriculture American Jersey Cattle Assn Ceadercrest http://www.usjersey,com

  83. Agriculture American Orchid Society $5,000

  84. Agriculture Angus (cattle) Fndn $5,000

  85. Agriculture Animal Health International FFA $1,000

  86. Agriculture Annie's Sustainable Agriculture Sclrsp

  87. Agriculture Beef Industry Sclrsp $1,000

  88. Agriculture Bill Kirk Sclrsp Fndn $1,000

  89. Agriculture Bunge North America FFA Sclrsp $1,000

  90. Agriculture Careers in Agriculture Sclrsp $1,000 HS

  91. Agriculture Dairy Shrine Lager Dairy Sclrsp $1,000

  92. Agriculture Dairy Shrine McKown $1,500

  93. Agriculture Dairy Student Recognition Prg $2,000

  94. Agriculture Darling Intl FFA Sclrsp $2,000

  95. Agriculture Dean Foods FFA Sclrsp $5,000

  96. Agriculture DMI Milk Marketing Sclrsp $1,500

  97. Agriculture Eggert Memorial $1,000

  98. Agriculture Farm Aid FFA Sclrsp $3,000

  99. Agriculture Farmers Mutual Hail Ins $1,500

  100. Agriculture Fastline Publications $1,000

  101. Agriculture Fndn for Environmental ag Sclrsp $1,000

  102. Agriculture Hester Johnson Memorial $1,000

  103. Agriculture KenAG FFA Sclrsp $1,000

  104. Agriculture Kent Nutrition $1,000

  105. Agriculture McCullough $2,500 HS

  106. Agriculture MetLife Fndn Sclrsp $2,000

  107. Agriculture Nat Alliance Independent Crop Consultants Jensen Sclrsp $3,000

  108. Agriculture Nat Dairy Promotion & Research Board $1,500

  109. Agriculture NMPF National Dairy Leadership sclrp grad doing research

  110. Agriculture PPQ Wm Heims Sclrsp biological sciences

  111. AIFS Dvrsy sclrp $1,000 10 Awards merit Afn, Asn Hspn NtvAm or Pacific Islander

  112. Air & Waste Management Assn E Michigan $1,500 FinNd merit essay Environment Public Health Natural Resources Engrng

  113. Air Force Active Duty sclrp $18,000 allows airmen to earn degree

  114. Air force Aerospace Education Fondtn Eagle Plan $500 Grant 400 awards

  115. Air Force Aid Society General Henry Arnold Education dependents $-+ Grant

  116. Air Force Early Release Program sclrp based on need, some merit

  117. Air Force High School sclrp based on need, some merit

  118. Air Force In College sclrp $18,000 based on need, some merit

  119. Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps full tuition

  120. Air Force ROTC sclrp Merit Base There is no Restrictions.

  121. Air Force ROTC sclrps up to a $500 spending cash monthly many available

  122. Air Force Sergeants’ Assn $-+ dependents

  123. Air Line Pilots Assn $3,000 a year child of retired/disabled deceased

  124. Air Traffic Control Assn Children of specialists Buckingham $2,500 general

  125. Air Traffic Control Assn Full-Time Employee $2,500 general

  126. Air Traffic Control Assn Half to full time $2,500 general

  127. Air Traffic Control Assn Hartl $2,500 general

  128. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Arver HSup $1,000

  129. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Arver2 HSup $1,000

  130. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Avionics HSup $2,500

  131. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Bendix HSup $1,000

  132. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Coll A $3,000

  133. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Field HSup $1,000

  134. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Garmin HSup $2,000

  135. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Gaylor HSup $1,000

  136. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Glover HSup $1,000

  137. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Instrument HSup $1,000

  138. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn James HSup $6,000 in CO

  139. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Mitchell European in USA up $1,000

  140. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Nichls at Spartan School $22,000

  141. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Peacock HSup $1,000

  142. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Plane HSup $2,000

  143. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Slocum in Co $6,000

  144. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Sporty's HSup $2,000

  145. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational Fndn Taylor in OKl $22,000

  146. Aircraft Ele Assn Educational FoundtnTarbox HSup $2,500

  147. Aircraft Electronics Assn Edu Fndn $1,000 aviation management

  148. Aircraft Mid Continent instruments $1,999

  149. Airmen Memorial Fndn sclrp $2,000 AF dependents

  150. AIST Fairless $2,000 Engrng metals full time

  151. AIST Korf $3,000 Engrng metals full time

  152. AIST Lincoln $3,000 Engrng metals full time

  153. AIST Schwabe $3,000 Engrng metals full time

  154. AIST William Schwabe sclrp in science, and Engrng. interest in steel industry

  155. Akademos Cntst $2,000

  156. Akash Kuruvilla Memorial sclrp $1,000 merit, need

  157. AKC Veterinary Student sclrp $10,000 American Kennel Club. academic achievements, history of research into the needs of purebred dogs. essay.

  158. Al Muamman sclrp ($5,000) arab americans majoring journalism No essay

  159. ALA sclrp Program many different sclrps by only one online application. academic excellence, leadership, and evidence of commitment in a career in librarianship.

  160. Alabama Golf Course Superintendents Assn $2,000 Agronomy, Turf Grass live anywhere

  161. Alaska Commission On Postsecondary Education $7,500

  162. ALBA George Watt Memorial Essay Cntst $500 essay essay

  163. Albert Shanker College $5,000 be from New York City low-income

  164. Albertson & Davidson LLP college sclrp $2500 essay 500 words or less

  165. Alcavis International nursing $2,000

  166. Aldav Law $2500 answer a question in 500 words or less.

  167. Alexander Graham Bell Assn for Deaf College $-+ Awards

  168. Alice Haltom Educational Fund information and records management. $1,000- $2,000.

  169. Alice Madden Barton Cosmetology School sclrp Amount: Varies to students pursuing a career in cosmetology or barbering short essay

  170. Alice Newell Joslyn Medical Fund $2,000 San Deigo County

  171. Alice T. Schafer Mathematics $1,000 female Prize

  172. All About Education sclrp $3,000 short essay

  173. All I Need sclrp Slam $1,000 Write a poem about the one thing you need. The one thing you can't live without. sclrp winner will be chosen from poems.

  174. All Students K-12 Music Composition; Photography; Visual Arts; Dance; Writing National PTA Reflections Program

  175. All-American Scholars Cheerleading Jr High and H school

  176. All-American Scholars Football Jr High and H school

  177. All-Ink.Com College Scholarship $1,000 general full time

  178. Alliance Data sclrp $5,000, Afn FinNd Colleges.Niche.Com

  179. Alliance For Young Artists And Writers, Inc. $10,000

  180. Alliant Energy Comty Service sclrp $1,000 leadership, volunteer work, age 24 or under be a dependent child,

  181. Alliant Energy Innovation sclrp recognizes outstanding Comty Up to 25 $1,000

  182. Alpha Chi/National College Honor Society, Gaston mbr general $2,500

  183. Alpha Delta Kappa International Teacher Education Scholarship $10,000 Young Women

  184. Alpha Kappa Alpha Edu Advancement Fndtn mbr Gaston Merit $2,500

  185. Alpha Kappa Alpha Edu Advancement Fndtn mbr Merit $1,000

  186. Alpha Kappa Alpha Edu Advancement Fndtn mbr Merit Youth-P.A.C. for Youth Partners Accessing Capital general

  187. Alpha Kappa Alpha Edu Advancement Fndtn mbr needs based $1,500

  188. Alpha Kappa Alpha Edu Advancement Fndtn mbr Nolle Merit $1,500

  189. Alpha Kappa Alpha Financial Need sclrps. $2,500 service

  190. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority AKA/PIMS Summer Youth Math Science Camp $1,000

  191. Alpha Lambda Delta Nat Honor Soc for First Year Students $1,000

  192. Alpha Mu Tau Education Research Fund/AMTF $1,500 medical lab tech

  193. Alpha Mu Tau Education Research Fund/AMTF French $3,000 medical lab tech

  194. Alpha Mu Tau Education Research Fund/AMTF Morrison $2,000 medical lab tech

  195. Alpha Mu Tau Education Research Fund/AMTF Reilly $2,500 medical lab tech

  196. Alpha Mu Tau Education Research Fund/AMTF Winstead $1,500 medical lab tech

  197. Amazon Student sclrp Comty service, leadership experience. essay 50 winners will receive $5,000 dollars and $500 toward books.

  198. Ameen Rihani Program Lebanese or other Arab descent;

  199. America’s Junior Miss Scholarship Comptn $30,000 HS

  200. American 1 Comty Involvement sclrp Michigan resident $1000 HS essay on benefits of altruism.

  201. American Accordion Musicological Society $500 write music

  202. American Alliance For Health Physical Education Recreation Dance

  203. American Assn Attorney-CPAccountants Fodtn $1,500

  204. American Assn of Colleges of Nursing CampusRN/AACN $2,500

  205. American Assn for Nude Recreation, West Region $1,500

  206. American Assn of Advertising Agencies $350 week

  207. American Assn of Airport Executives $1,000

  208. American Assn of Bioanalysts Birenbaum mbr children $-+ Fund

  209. American Assn Of Blacks In Energy

  210. American Assn of Candy Technologists sclrp $5,000.00 confectionery tech food related science

  211. American Assn of Cereal Chemists International $2,000 food science tech

  212. American Assn of Cosmetology Schools $1,000 Grants 500 Awards

  213. American Assn of Teachers of Italian Essay Cntst $300

  214. Amrican Assn U Women Romeo single heads of households

  215. American Assn of Yemeni Scientists Mi Yemeni heritage.

  216. American Baptist Financial Aid Program $500 loan

  217. American Baptist Financial Aid Program Burr $2,000 NtvAm

  218. American Baptist Financial Aid Program UG $2,000

  219. American Bar Fndn Dvrsy Law soc humanities $3,600 minority

  220. American Board of Funeral Service Education National sclrp $2,500 financial

  221. American Bullion sclrps Program made Easy $500 essay

  222. American Cancer Society, Young Survivor MI and Indiana $1,000 FinNd

  223. American Cheese Soc attend Comptn. $600 travel

  224. American Chemical Society minority Scholars $3,000

  225. American Chemical Society Rubber Division $5,000

  226. American Classical League $1,500 education;teaching classics

  227. American Classical League Phinney Teaching $750

  228. American College of Medical Practice Executives $3,000 health admin

  229. American College of Nurse-Midwives Fndn Basic Midwifery $-+

  230. Amrn Congress Surveying Mapss Bernsten Internl Technology $500

  231. Amrn Congress Surveying Maps Cartography Geographic Info Soc $1,000

  232. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping Chelf $500

  233. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping Dracup $2,000

  234. Amrn Congress Surveying and Maps Nat Soc ProfesSurveyors $1,000

  235. Amrn Congress Surveying Mapping Nat Soc Profesl Surveyors Bd $1,000

  236. Amrn Congress Surveying Mapping Nat Soc Professional Surveyors Forum for Equal Opp $1,000 same

  237. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping Schonstedt $1,500

  238. American Contract Bridge League Edul Fndn $500 mbr

  239. American Council Of Engrng Companies $2,000 Engrng

  240. American Council of Engrng Companies of NJ $1,000

  241. American Council of the Blind $3,000 25 awards general

  242. American Criminal Just Assn $100-$400 criminal justice students

  243. American Culinary Federation,The/American Academy of Chefs $-+

  244. American Culinary Federation,The/American Academy of Chefs $-+ HS

  245. American Culinary Federation,The/American Academy of Chefs $-+ Team

  246. American Culinary Federation,The/American Academy of Chefs $750 HS

  247. American Darts Org mbrs $1,500 under 21

  248. American Dental Assistant Assn Southard/Oral-B Lab Scholarship $500

  249. American Dental Assn Fndn Allied Health $1,000

  250. American Division Veterans Assn $3,000 mbrs child HSup

  251. American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine AFRP Essay $400

  252. Amrn Fedratn State Co Municipal Employees AFL-CIO $2,000 HS child

  253. Amrn Fedratn State Co Municipal Employees AFL-CIO $10,000 mbr child

  254. Amrn Fedratn State Municipal Emplyes AFL-CIO Fl$2,000 HSmbr staff

  255. Amrn Fedrat State Co Municipal Employees Parisi $2,000 HS staff

  256. Amrn Fedrat State Co Municipal Employes Unin+ $4,000 HS mbr child

  257. American Federation of State Co Municipal Employees Union Plus working adults

  258. American Federation of Teachers Porter $8,000 mbrs dependents HSup general

  259. Amrn Fire Sprinkler Assn $2,000 easy read about fire sprinklers ten-Qustn quiz

  260. American Foreign Service Assn $2,500 HS essay

  261. American Foreign Service Assn dependents financial aid merit $1,000 awards

  262. American Foreign Service Assn dependents financial aid $2,500 awards

  263. American Fndn $2,500

  264. American Fndn For Blind Dillman $1,000

  265. American Fndn For Blind Ruckes $1,000 STEM life sci

  266. American Fndn For Blind Torres $1,500

  267. American Foundt for Blind Anderson Memorial $1,000 Music

  268. American Foundt for Blind Gellette Sclrp $1,000 Music

  269. American Fndn for Blind $1,000 Engrng Computer Sciences

  270. American GI Forum of the U.S. Hspn Education Fndn $-+ general

  271. Amrn Ground Water Trust Ever$2,500 HS essay Environment

  272. Amrn Ground Water Trust: Amtrol $1,000 HS essay Environment Engineng

  273. Amrn Ground Water Trust: Baroid $1,000 HS essay Environment Engrng

  274. American Guild of Organists Nat Comptn Improvisation $2,000

  275. American Guild of Organists Regional Comptn Young Organists $1,000

  276. American Guild of Organists Young Artists $2,000

  277. American Health &Beauty Aids Institute $500 Bus chemistry,Enginr HS

  278. American Health Beauty Aids $500 HS Chemistry, Bus, Engrng

  279. American Health Info Management Assn, FORE $5,000 health tech Merit

  280. American Heart Assn Shapira Sclrp $1,000

  281. American Helicopter Society Vertical Flight Fdn $4,000 STEM

  282. American Hotel & Lodging Edu Fndn Hotel Management Program

  283. American Hotel & Lodging Educational Fndn $5,000

  284. American Hotel & Lodging Educational Fndn Am Express $2,000

  285. American Hotel & Lodging Educational Fndn Certification

  286. American Hotel & Lodging Educational Fndn Grants

  287. American Hotel & Lodging Educational Fndn Hyatt $2,000

  288. American Hotel & Lodging Educational Fndn Packard $5,000

  289. American Hotel Lodging Edu Fndn $-+ HS

  290. Amrn Hotel Lodging Edu Fndn Am Express $2,000 to students in distance courses

  291. American Hotel Lodging Edu Fndn Diamond Hospitality $5,000

  292. American Hotel Lodging Edu Fndn Ecolab $-+ hotel worker

  293. American Hotel Lodging Edu Fndn minority $2,000 FinNd

  294. American Hotel Lodging Edu Fndn Packard $2,000 merit

  295. American Hotel Lodging Edu Fndn Packard $3,000 merit

  296. American Hotel Lodging Edu Fndn Packard $5,000 merit

  297. American Hotel Lodging Edu Fndn RAMA $-+ Asn-Indian and JHM employees

  298. American Indian Arts Council fine & tribal arts $1,000

  299. American Indian Education Fndn $2,000 NtvAm

  300. American Indian Fund Al Qoyawayma $1,000 Award

  301. American Indian Heritage Foundation, National Miss Indian U.S. $30,000

  302. American Indian Science & Engrng Society $2,500

  303. American Indian Science & Engrng Society $2,500

  304. American Indian Science Engrng Soc $2,000 Medicine Natural Resources

  305. American Indian Science Engrng Soc $2,500 Medicine Natural Resources

  306. American Indian Science Eng Soc Anderson $1,000 medicine nat resources

  307. Amrn Indian Ser 2300 awards 1/4 Native amm Indian

  308. American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics $2,000 Science, Engrng

  309. American Institute of Aeronautics Astronautics $2,000 STEM

  310. Amrn Institute of Architects Yoshimura $2,000 art

  311. American Institute Of Architects/NY $2,000

  312. American Institute of Baking $4,000 45 awards

  313. American Institute of CPAccountants Accountemps Sclrp $2,500

  314. American Institute of Indian Studies, Languags of India $-+

  315. American Institute of Mining Metallurgical Petroleum Engineers Marshall $8,000

  316. American Institute of Polish Culture $1,000

  317. American Intercontinental U $1,800 design marketing art Bus admin video

  318. American Jewish League for Israel University $2,000 Scholarship Fund

  319. American Junior Brahman Assn $1,000 mbr Scholarship agriculture

  320. American Junior Brahman Assn Ladies of the Abba $500 Scholarship agriculture

  321. American Legion Auxiliary Warriors Child Nat President’s related to vet service https://www.alaforveterans.

  322. American Legion Auxiliary Girl Scout Achievement $1,000 HS Sclrp

  323. American Legion Auxiliary mbr Non-Traditional Student $1,000

  324. American Legion Auxiliary mbr/child Presidents $1,000

  325. American Legion Auxiliary mbr/child Presidents $2,000

  326. American Legion Auxiliary mbr/child Presidents $2,500

  327. American Legion Auxiliary mbr/child Samsung $1,000 HS

  328. American Legion Auxiliary mbr/child Samsung $20,000 HS

  329. American Legion Auxiliary mbr/child Spirit of Youth $1,000 HS

  330. American Legion Baseball sclrp $5,000 National Baseball.

  331. American Legion Department Nurses Scholarship $1,500

  332. Amrn Legion Eagle Scout of Year $2,500 to $10,000

  333. American Legion Medical Career sclrp $500

  334. American Legion National High School Oratorical Cntst is “A constitutional speech Cntst” 1st place $18,000 2nd $16,000 3rd $14,000 to junior high HS

  335. American Legion Past President’s Parley Nurse’s Training $-+

  336. American Legion: $1,000 HS Sclrp several states

  337. American Legion: Athletic $250 HS Sclrp

  338. American Legion: Baseball $1000 HS Sclrp

  339. American Legion: Baseball $500 HS Sclrp

  340. American Legion: Boy Scout $1,000 HS Sclrp

  341. American Legion: Boy Scout of Year $1,500 HS Sclrp

  342. American Legion: Boy Scout of Year $2,000 HS Sclrp

  343. American Legion: National Eagle Scout of Year $10,000 Sclrp

  344. American Legion: National Eagle Scout of Year $2,500 Sclrp

  345. American Legion: Oratorical Cntst $2,000 HS Sclrp

  346. American Medical Technologists $500 lab tech dental admin

  347. American Meteorological Society Crow $2,500 HS merit

  348. American Meteorological Society Crow coll juniors $-+

  349. American Meteorological Society Glahn coll juniors statistical $-+

  350. American Meteorological Society minority HS $3,000

  351. American Meteorological Soc Murphy oceanic hydrologic atmospheric coll juniors $-+

  352. American Meteorological Soc Schroeder oceanic hydrologic atmospheric coll juniors $-+

  353. American Military Retirees Assn $5,000 mbrs, spouses, dependents

  354. American Military U Online American service mbrs vets or spouses.

  355. American Morgan Horse Institute Educational $2,000 exhibitor

  356. American Morgan Horse Institute Educational $3,000 FinNd

  357. Amrn Mothers Creative Arts $1,000 1296 E. 21st Street Brooklyn NY 11201 718/253 5676 no website

  358. American Museum of Natural History Research Experiences UG

  359. American National Cattlewomen Fndn $1,000

  360. American Nephrology Nurses’ Assn Balzer Career Mobility $2,500

  361. American Nuclear Society Angelo Bisesti $2,000

  362. American Nuclear Society Charles Thomas Memorial $2,000

  363. American Nuclear Society DDR Division $2,000

  364. American Nuclear Society Delayed Education for Women $4,000

  365. American Nuclear Society freshman $2,000

  366. American Nuclear Society James Vogt Radiochemistry $2,000

  367. American Nuclear Society John & Muriel Landis $4,000

  368. American Nuclear Society John R. Lamarsh $2,000

  369. American Nuclear Society Joseph R. Dietrich $2,000

  370. American Nuclear Society Operations & Power Division $2,500

  371. American Nuclear Society Pittsburgh Local Section $2,000

  372. American Nuclear Society Raymond DiSalvo $2,000

  373. American Nuclear Society Robert G. Lacy $2,000

  374. American Nuclear Society Robert T. Liner $2,000

  375. American Nuclear Society sophomore $2,000

  376. American Nuclear Society UG juniors & seniors $2,000

  377. American Nuclear Society William R. and Mila Kimmel $2,000

  378. American Physical Society Minority Physics $2,000

  379. American Physiological Soc Bruce Awards Research $500

  380. American Police Hall of Fame Edu Sp $1,500 child of fallen officer

  381. American Public Power Assn DEED Student Research $4,000 energy

  382. American Public Power Assn DEED Technical Design Project $5,000 energy

  383. American Public Transit Assn $2,500

  384. Amrn Quarter Horse Fdn Youth $8,000 Merit affinity Quarter Horse leadership

  385. American Radio Relay League Fndn $500

  386. American Radio Relay League Fndn Anderson $1,250

  387. American Radio Relay League Fndn Broughton $1,000

  388. American Radio Relay League Fndn Cook $1,000

  389. American Radio Relay League Fndn Fisher $1,000

  390. American Radio Relay League Fndn Fisher $1,000

  391. American Radio Relay League Fndn Goldfarb $10,000

  392. American Radio Relay League Fndn Goldfarb $10,000 science

  393. American Radio Relay League Fndn Grauer $1,000

  394. American Radio Relay League Fndn Grauer $1,000

  395. American Radio Relay League Fndn Hadlock $2,000

  396. American Radio Relay League Fndn Lawson $500

  397. American Radio Relay League Fndn McDaniel $500

  398. American Radio Relay League Fndn McDaniel $500

  399. American Radio Relay League Fndn Nemal $1,000

  400. American Radio Relay League Fndn Nemal $1,000

  401. American Radio Relay League Fndn Wagner $1,000

  402. American Radio Relay League Fndn Wicker $1,000

  403. American Radio Relay League Fndn Wicker $1,000

  404. American Radio Relay League Fndn $500

  405. American Radio Relay League Fndn Yasme $2,000

  406. American Radio Relay Legue Fndn Ham Radio $1,250

  407. American Railway Engrng & Maintenance $1,000 STEM

  408. American Railway Engrng Maintenance of-Way Assn $1,000 http//

  409. American Red Cross “Navin Narayan sclrp”

  410. American Savings Foundation, Inc. $2,500 all fields general

  411. American Sheep Industry Women Make It with Wool $1,000

  412. American Soc Heating Refrigerating Air Conditioning $5,000

  413. American Soc of Agricultural & Biological Engineerss $1,200

  414. American Society for Enology and Viticulture sclrp in enology or viticulture, or in a curriculum emphasizing a science basic to the wine and grape industry.

  415. American Society for Microbiology $4,000

  416. American Society of Agricultural Engineers $1,000

  417. American Society of Agricultural Engineers Adams $1,000

  418. American Society of Agricultural Engineers Merriam $1,000

  419. American Society of Agricultural Engineers student $1,000

  420. American Society of Civil Engineers Tiney Memorial Student $2,000

  421. American Society of Crime Lab Directors sclrp $1,000 in forensics

  422. American Society of Criminology Minorities. $6000 doctoral studies program.

  423. American Society Of Engineers Of Indian Origin $1,000

  424. American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin $1,000

  425. American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin $1,000

  426. American Society Of Heating Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineers Ada $3,000

  427. American Society of Heating Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineers Ash $3,000

  428. American Society of Heating Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineers Ash $3,000

  429. American Society Of Heating Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineers Ash2 $3,000

  430. American Society of Heating Refrigerating Air-Cond Engrs Associate Degree $3,000

  431. American Society of Heating Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineers Bot $3,000

  432. American Society Of Heating Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineers Cod $3,000

  433. American Society Of Heating Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineers Han $3,000

  434. American Society of Heating Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineers Mehalick $3,000

  435. American Society of Heating Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineers Nic $3,000

  436. American Society of Heating Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineers Nwt $3,000

  437. American Society Of Heating Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Enginrs Tran $3,000

  438. American Society of Heating Refrigng AirConditng Engineers $3,000 assoct

  439. American Society of Heating Refrigng AirConditng Engineers $3,000 Eng

  440. American Society Of Heating, Refrigerating Air-Cond Engineers Bootle $3,000

  441. American Society of Interior Designers, Scholarship and Awards Program, 2903

  442. American Society of Mechanical Engineers $3,000 loan

  443. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Auxiliary Beichley $2,000 loan

  444. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Duncan $3,500

  445. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Green $3,500

  446. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Roe $10,000

  447. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Wm Miller $1,500

  448. American Society Of Naval Engineers $3,500

  449. American Society oF Transportation & Logistics $2,000

  450. American Society of Travel Agents Fndn $3,000

  451. American Society Of Women Accountants Fondtn UG $4,000

  452. American Society Of Women Accountants Fndn $4,000

  453. American String Teachers Assn $1,000 music composition

  454. American String Teachers Assn $1,000 Solo Comptns

  455. American Traffic Safety Services Fndn Roadway Worker Memorial $3,000

  456. American Water Resources Assn Herbert $2,000

  457. American Water Ski Educational Fndn $1,500

  458. American Welding Society $2,500

  459. American Welding Society $3,000

  460. American Woman’s Society of CPA’S

  461. American/Baptist Financial Aid Program Asn mbr $500

  462. American/Baptist Financial Aid Program Hspn mbr $500 theology

  463. American/Baptist Financial Aid Program mbr $500 theology

  464. Americanism Essay Cntst $5,000 grade 7-12

  465. Americorps Nat Civillian Comty $5,645 18-24 to 1 year of service

  466. Americorps Vistas $5,645 be 18-24 commit to 10 months of service

  467. Amgen Career Mobility nursing Scholarship $2,000

  468. AMIA sclrp Program unique-worth-applying-for-

  469. AMIDEAST Education Arab World FinNd merit mbr

  470. AMVETS For College Freshmen sclrp $1,000 be JROTC need

  471. AMVETS National sclrp $1,000 be vet, need

  472. AMWA Young Women in Science $100-$250 STEM Poster

  473. Amway Free Enterprise Michigan Bus finance supply chain managmt, comm/public relations, enginrng,

  474. Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling Trust $40,000 must exit USA 1 year

  475. Anchor sclrp Fndn dependents of Navy

  476. Anderson, Inc. sclrp $1250. to pursue a degree in agriculture, mbr of FFA, Andersons, Inc. Scholarship Details - Apply Now | Unigo

  477. Andre Sobel River of Life Fndn $5,000 essay honoring cancer survivors

  478. Andrew Flusche $500 public service video drunk driving

  479. Angus Fndn $1,000 mbr

  480. Angus Fndn $3,000 mbr

  481. Angus Fndn $5,000 mbr

  482. Animal Care Dog Fence DIY Sclrsp $1,000

  483. Animals Havahart Wireless Sclrsp $500 essay

  484. Animat Child Comedy Doc Drama,Music AcadTV Arts Sciences TV $2,000 http://www.emmysfoundation.

  485. ANNA Career Mobility nursing Scholarship $2,500

  486. Anna Frutiger Mem $3,000 essay dentistry medicine…

  487. Annabelle InPower "Dream Big" Scp anti-bullying essay.

  488. Annie’s Sustainable Agriculture pursuing studies in sustainable and organic agriculture URL:

  489. Annual BankMobile Financial Empowerment $1,500 essay

  490. Annual Dyslexia Sp $1000 100 words describing your edu goals.

  491. Annual Hearing Impaired $1000 100 words how you would benefit

  492. sclrp $2000 essay

  493. Antenore Davanzo preserving Mich water environment/treatment

  494. Anthem Essay Cntst Ayn Rand's $2,000

  495. Anthony DiFranco Memorial Endowed sclrp past L’Anse Creuse HS FinNd merit

  496. Anthropology Archaeology FAMSI Research Grants $10,000

  497. Anti-smoking card $5,000 make card encouraging one to stop smoking no essay, no min GPA age 13-25­always­win?

  498. Anti-Texting and Driving Scholarship $10,000 studies show that drivers are 23 times more likely to be in an accident if they are texting and driving. 3,000 teens die yr

  499. Antique Trader 500-1,000-word essay Cntst, $3,000

  500. ApartmentList sclrp $2,500

  501. APICS Education & Reaearch Fndn $1,700+ production, operations

  502. Applegate/Jackson/Parks Future Teacher in education essay voluntary unionism.

  503. Appraisal Institute Women and Minority Education $1,000 FinNd

  504. Apprentice Ecologist Initiative environment project photo of it essay http://www.wildernessproject.

  505. Apprentice Ecologist YouthInitiative $500 environmental project essay

  506. aquaculture Atlantic Salmon Federation $3,000

  507. aquaculture Delores Disher Award $1,000

  508. aquaculture Discovery Sclrsp $1,500

  509. aquaculture Don Reynolds Memorial $1,000

  510. aquaculture LaFontaine Aquatic Entomology Award grad

  511. aquaculture Marine sciences Tweed Fisheries Aquaculture Sclrsp $2,000

  512. aquaculture Viders Spirit of the Sea Award $1,000

  513. Arab Amrn Womens Bus Council Four $1000

  514. Arboriculture Tree Research & Education Endowment Wright $2,000 Sclrsp

  515. Arc of Washington Trust research Grants mental retardation 2638 State Ave. NE Olympia, WA 98506

  516. Archery National Field archery Assn $5,000

  517. Archery National Field archery Assn Easton $20,000

  518. Architecture ASLA Council Fellows $5,000

  519. Architecture Naval arthitects Herbert UG Sclrsp

  520. Arctic Institute of North America Bourque $1,000

  521. Arctic Physical Therapy sclrp $1,000

  522. Arkans Eagle Scout $1,000 Scholarship Jewish

  523. Armed Forces Online Personnel Veterans Dependents

  524. Armed Forces $2,000 Enginrng Science Math Edu related to Nat Security

  525. Armed Forces Comm Electronics Assn $2,000 STEM Edu related to Nat Security

  526. Armed Forces Coms & Electronics Assn $3,000 in ROTC

  527. Armed Forces Coms and Electronics Assn for Working Professional

  528. Armed Forces Coms Electronics Assn $1,500 part time students

  529. Armed Forces Coms Electronics Assn $1,500 STEM

  530. Armed Forces Coms Electronics Assn $1,500 students

  531. Armed Forces Coms Electronics Assn $2,000 active duty dependents vets

  532. Armed Forces Coms Electronics Assn $2,000

  533. Armed Forces Coms Electronics Assn $2,000 ROTC

  534. Armed Forces Coms Electronics Assn $2,750 active duty dependents vets

  535. Armed Forces Enginrng Science Math Edu related to Nat Security $1,500

  536. Armed Services YMCA Essay Cntst K-12 promote reading essay

  537. Armenian descent Educational Fndn $1,000

  538. Armenian Students’ Assn of America $5,000

  539. Armstrong Achievement sclrps employee/child

  540. Army College Fund enlist in army

  541. Army Emergency Relief Ursano sclrp for child of servicembr

  542. Army families Emergency Relief, MG James Ursano $2,200 Scholarship

  543. Army ROTC $16,000 ages 17-27

  544. Army ROTC Green to Gold Program tuition & board

  545. Army ROTC Active Duty or Reserve 8 years

  546. Army Staff Sgt. Special Agent Richard S. Eaton Jr.$1,000 sclrp

  547. Arnita Y. Boswell $1,000 Award HS

  548. Arnold Fencing Classic sclrp $2,000 be fencing

  549. Arnold Sobel Fund Coast Guard $5,000 dependents

  550. Arnold Sports Festival Rotary sclrp $2,000

  551. ARRL Albert H. Hix Memorial $500 Sclrp STEM

  552. ARRL Albuquerque ARC/Toby Cross Sclrp $500 STEM

  553. ARRL Central Arizona DX Assn $500 Sclrp STEM

  554. ARRL Challenge Met $500 Sclrp STEM

  555. ARRL Charles Clarke Cordle Memorial $1,000 Sclrp STEM

  556. ARRL Charles N. Fisher Memorial $1,000 Sclrp STEM

  557. ARRL Chicago FM Club $500 Sclrp STEM

  558. ARRL Dayton Amateur Radio Assn $1,000 Sclrp STEM

  559. ARRL Earl Anderson $1,250 Sclrp STEM

  560. ARRL Edmond A. Metzger $500 Sclrp STEM

  561. ARRL Eugene Sallee, W4YFR Memorial $500 Sclrp STEM

  562. ARRL Francis Walton Memorial $500 Sclrp STEM

  563. ARRL General Fund $1,000 Sclrp STEM

  564. ARRL Honoring Senator Barry Goldwater K7UGA $5,000 STEM

  565. ARRL IRARC Memorial Joseph Rubino $750 Sclrp STEM

  566. ARRL Jean Cebik Memorial $1,000 Sclrp STEM

  567. ARRL Louisiana Memorial $500 Sclrp STEM

  568. ARRL Martin J. Green, Sr., Memorial $1,000 Sclrp STEM

  569. ARRL Mary Lou Brown $2,500 Sclrp STEM

  570. ARRL NCDXF $1,000 Sclrp STEM

  571. ARRL Norman E. Strohmeier $500 Memorial Sclrp STEM

  572. ARRL Richard W. Bendicksen Memorial $1,000 Sclrp STEM

  573. ARRL Riebhoff $1,000 Sclrp STEM

  574. ARRL Seth Horan, K1LOM, Memorial $500 Sclrp STEM

  575. ARRL Six Meter Club of Chicago $500 Sclrp STEM

  576. ARRL Tom and Judith Comstock $2,000 Sclrp STEM

  577. ARRL William Bennett Memorial $500 Sclrp STEM

  578. ARRL Yankee Clipper Cntst Club Youth $1,000 Sclrp STEM

  579. ARRL Zachary Taylor Stevens Memorial $750 Sclrp STEM

  580. Art Aiko Susanna Tashiro Hiratsuka mbrs Japanese Amrn Citizen League performing arts

  581. Art Anna & John Stacry Art Edu fund $5,000

  582. Art Awards by Scholastic Jr H HS

  583. Art Bruce Marson Memorial Scholarship $1,000 seeking degree in Technical Theater Production.

  584. Art Charles and Lucille Family Foundation several Scholarships $7,000 in film broadcasting

  585. Art Charles and Lucille Family Foundation several Scholarships $10,000 in film broadcasting at NYU

  586. Art Charles and Lucille Family Foundation several Scholarships $10,000 in film broadcasting at USC

  587. Art Charles and Lucille Family Foundation several Scholarships $10,000 in film broadcasting at UCLA

  588. Art Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship several $3,000 HSup

  589. Art Doodle for Google $30,000

  590. Art Elizabeth Greenshields Fndn $18,000

  591. Art History Metropolitan Museum Of Art Internships $20,000

  592. Art History WMU Meyer Award

  593. Art Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship for student performers $5000 and a trip 16 winners

  594. Art John L. Dales Scholarship Fund Screen Actor’s Guild mbrs or their children of mbrs.

  595. Art Most Promising Logo Design Sclrsp $1,500

  596. Art MVP Visuals Sclrsp $500

  597. Art National Sculpture Society Sclrsp $2,000

  598. Art NYCDA Scholarships New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. multiple awards for both acting and dance. $500 to $160,000 (typical amounts are between $5,000 and $25,000). 

  599. Art Thespian Scholarships Musical Theater HS One time award of $1,500.

  600. Art Thespian Scholarships Yeatman Technical HS theater $1,000.

  601. Art Thespian Scholarships Educational Theater Assn many sclrps in performing arts

  602. Art Thespian Sclrsps Educational Theatre Assn Presidents’$1,000 Leadership do not have to major in theater

  603. Art Thespian Scholarships Excellence in Theater Performance HS Coms or performing arts.

  604. Art Thespian Scholarships Fowler Future Theatre Educator leadership merit experience in theater.

  605. Art Thespian Scholarships Future Theater Educator $2,500 HS Coms or performing arts

  606. Art Thespian Scholarships John Marshall/Internatal Thespian Officers’ $2,000 Outstanding HS

  607. Art Thespian Scholarships Melba Day Henning HS in theater education $1,000

  608. Art Thespian Scholarships Theater Performance $2,000 technical playwriting HS

  609. Art VSA Playwright Discovery Award grade 6=12. write one-act play has disability. $3,000-$20,000.

  610. Art Young American Creative Patriotic Art Awards $10,000

  611. Arthur & Berdena King Eagle Scout Award $10,000-$4,000

  612. $5000 sclrp $5,000 asbestos cancer awareness essay

  613. ASCE Ammann Research Fellowship Structural Engrng $5,000

  614. ASCE Samuel Fletcher Tapman Student Chapter/Club Civil Engrng $2,000

  615. ASCLS Education and Research Fund, Inc. $1,500 medical lab tech

  616. ASCO Numatics Industrial Automation Engrng sclrp $5,000

  617. ASHFSA Miller Continuing Education Fund $1,000 healthcare food service

  618. Ashton B. Joseph sclrp Heritage High School

  619. Asia SiVon Cottom sclrp $2,000 high school, college in STEM 300 word on effects of 9-11

  620. Asn and Pacific Islander American $2,500 Scholarship Fund

  621. Asn & Pacific Islander Marshall Islands Micronesia Palau

  622. Asn Woman in Bus $2500-5000 ANY college application essay. Must have entrepreneurial achievement.

  623. ASIFA Haynes World Peace Storyboard and Animation $500

  624. Asking a friend not to text-and-drive $2,000 sclrp.

  625. ASM Materials Education $500-full tuition materials metals

  626. Asparagus Club sclrp $2,000 grocery industry with preference given to the independent retail

  627. asphalt Nat Asphalt Pavement Assn Edu Fndn Sclrsp

  628. Asprs Imaging & Geospatial Information Soc Altenhofen $2,000

  629. ASPRS Imaging & Geospatial Information Soc Fisher $500

  630. Asprs Imaging & Geospatial Information Soc Osborn $1,000

  631. ASPRS Imaging & Geospatial Information Soc Space $4,000

  632. ASPRS Imaging & Geospatial Information Soc travel $500

  633. ASPRS Imaging Geospatial Info Society $1,000 Osborn Memorial

  634. ASPRS Imaging Geospatial Info Society $2,000 Altenhofen Memorial

  635. ASPRS Imaging Geospatial Info Society $500 Travel

  636. ASPRS Paul Wolf Memorial $3,500 Sclrp teaching Surveying, Mapping Photogrammetry. G

  637. ASRT Elektra Radiation Therapy Educators $5,000

  638. ASRT GE Healthcare Management Radiology $5,000

  639. ASRT Isadore N. Stern Radiology $1,000

  640. ASRT Jerman-Cahoon Student Radiology $2,500

  641. ASRT Monster Medical Imaging Educators Radiology $5,000

  642. ASRT Royce Osborn Minority Student Radiology $4,000

  643. ASSE America Responds Memorial $1,000 safety health

  644. ASSE Bechtel Group Fndn for Safety & Health $8,000 safety health

  645. ASSE CNA Fndn Scholarship, $4,000 safety health

  646. ASSE Constr Safety Scholarship $1,000 safety health

  647. ASSE David Iden Memorial Safety UPS $5,250 health

  648. ASSE Dvrsy Committee Scholarship $1,000 safety health

  649. ASSE George Gustafson HSE Texas Safety Foundation) $4,000 occu health

  650. ASSE Gulf Coast Past President’s Scholarship $1,000 occu safety health

  651. ASSE Jacobson CSP Distinguisd Service $2,000 occu safety health constructn

  652. ASSE Liberty Mutual Scholarship $3,000 occu safety health

  653. ASSE Marsh Risk-Consulting Scholarship $1,000 occu safety

  654. ASSE Medina Scholarship for Hispanics in occu Safety health $2,000

  655. ASSE PDC sponsored by Practice Specialty Groups $1,200 occu safety

  656. ASSE Scott Dominguez-Craters of the Moon Chapter $1,000 occu safety

  657. ASSE Southwest Chapter Roy Kinslow $1,000 occu safety

  658. ASSE UPS Dvrsy Scholarship $5,250 occu safety minority

  659. ASSE Warren K. Brown $1,000 occu safety

  660. ASSE Washington Group International $5,000 occu safety

  661. ASSE William C. Ray, CIH, CSP Arizona $1,000 occu safety

  662. Assn American Indian Affairs Allogan Slagle Memorial $1,500 Scholarships

  663. Assn American Indian Affairs David Risling Emergency Aid $400

  664. Assn American Indian Affairs Displaced Homemaker $1,500 Scholarships

  665. Assn American Indian Affairs Van Pelt $1,500

  666. Assn Collegiate Schools of Architecture $500

  667. Assn for Women in Coms $1,000 journalism, PR 7950 Jones Branch Drive McLean VA 22107

  668. Assn for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Essay

  669. Assn for Women in Sports Media $1,000 Essay

  670. Assn Women Veterinarians Fndn veterinary students. .

  671. Associate Degree Sclrsp Lanza Memorial Sclrsp $3,500 x 20 FinNd

  672. Associated Builders and Contractors $1,000

  673. Associated Male Choruses of America Music Sclrp $1,200

  674. Associated Western Universities UGuate $300 week STEM

  675. Associates to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology HS $1,000

  676. Assn for Education in Journalism & Mass Com Gardner $300

  677. Assn For Education, Rehab of Blind Telesensory $1,000

  678. Assn For Education,Rehab Of The Blind Ferrell $500

  679. Assn for Study of Afn Amrn Life History $500 essay

  680. Assn for Women Geoscientists, $5,000 HSup chemistry geology earth science

  681. Assn for Women Geoscientists, Minority $5,000 HSup chemistry geology earth science

  682. Assn for Women in Coms female $1,000

  683. Assn For Women In Science $1,000 STEM

  684. Assn for Women in Science Lorentzen Award in Physics $1,000

  685. Assn of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants Fndn Writing $1,500

  686. Assn of Certified Fraud Examiners $1,000

  687. Assn of Operating Room Nurses, AORN $5,000

  688. Assn of State Dam Safety Officials $5,000

  689. Assn on American Indian Affairs Hesemeyer $1,500

  690. Astronautics Astronaut Sclrsp $10,000

  691. Astronomical League Horkheimer Parker Award $1,000 HS

  692. Astronomical League Horkheimer Service Award $1,000 HS

  693. Astronomical League Horkheimer Smith Award $1,000 HS

  694. Astronomy Nat Young Astronomer Award

  695. Astronomy National Radio Astronomy Observatory Summer Asst $703 mo $1,300 travel

  696. AT&T Bell Laboratories Summer STEM

  697. Athletes Kickin' Cancer $1,000 HS has a parent fighting cancer

  698. Atlas Shrugged Essay Cntst $20,000

  699. ATT Savings Education sclrp $1,000

  700. AU Student Essay Cntst $500

  701. August Cerku veteran or child/grandchild Macomb County

  702. Aumotive Recyclers Assn mbr Scholarship Fndn $1,000

  703. Autism Society of America CVS/All Kids Can Scholars $1,000 Progam

  704. Auto Law (Michigan) Car Accident Injury Survivor sclrp Mich resident who has suffered any sort of injury can receive $500

  705. Automotive aftermarket Specialty Equipment Market Assn $5,000

  706. Automotive BMW/SAE Engrng Sclrsp $1,500

  707. Automotive Hall of Fame

  708. Automotive Hall of Fame, Automotive Educ+ational Fund $2,000

  709. Automotive SAE Doctoral Scholars Forgivable Loan $5,000 grad

  710. Aviation AIAA Foundn Sclrsp $10,000

  711. Aviation Air Traffic Control Assn employee Sclrsp

  712. Aviation Air Traffic Control Assn Fortier Memorial Sclrsp

  713. Aviation Aircraft Electronics Assn Arver Memorial $1,000

  714. Aviation Aircraft Electronics Assn Davis $1,000 Sclrsp

  715. Aviation Am Assn Airport Executives Sclrsp $2,500

  716. Aviation Assn, Airport Commissioner's Fund $2.500

  717. Aviation Barden Aviation Sclrsp $4,500

  718. Aviation Bud Milligan Aviation Sclrsp $500

  719. Aviation center Payzer Sclrsp $5,000

  720. Aviation Charlie Wells Memorial Aviation Sclrsp

  721. Aviation David Alan Quick Sclrsp $500

  722. Aviation Distributors Manufactorers Assn be in 3rd yr

  723. Aviation Distributors Manufacturers Assn International varies

  724. Aviation FAA aviation Venter Vernon Sclrsp $5,00

  725. Aviation Frasca Excellence in Aviation $2,000 Sclrsp

  726. Aviation Galor Memorial Sclrsp$1,000

  727. Aviation Garmin Sclrsp $2,000 http://www.aea.met

  728. Aviation Ginocchio Sclrsp $4,500

  729. Aviation Hansen Sclrsp $1,000

  730. Aviation Harti Sclrsp

  731. Aviation Insurance Assn Sclrsp $2,500

  732. Aviation Insurance Assn $1,000 aviation students completed 30 crdts

  733. Aviation Kropf Sclrsp $500

  734. Aviation Lee Tarbox Memorial $2,500 Sclrsp

  735. Aviation Nat Aviation Explorer Sclrsp $10,000

  736. Aviation National Space Club Keynote Scholar $10,000 STEM

  737. Aviation Pioneers Of Flight Nat Air Transp Fndn $1,000

  738. Aviation Pioneers of Flight sclrp do a paper indicating career goals in general aviation studying Aviation/Aerospace

  739. Aviation Tailhook Educational Fndn related to Navy aviation

  740. Aviation Vertical Flight Fndn Trch Sclrsp $5,000

  741. Aviation Wood, Harold S. Award for Excellence is attending National Intercollegiate Flying Assn school to students studying Aviation/Aerospace.

  742. Avionics Ginger Arver Sclrsp $1,000 HSup

  743. AVMF/Winn Feline $2,500 3rd/4th year veterinary benefit cats FinNd No essay

  744. Avvo UG Pre-law sclrp Essay

  745. AWeber Email Marketing sclrp $1,000 nine question survey

  746. AWSEF Water Ski sclrp mbrs

  747. AXA Achievement $10,000 accomplish something exceptional

Ayn Rand Institute several $5,000 Sclrps based on her writings

b bb quick find marker

  1. Babe Ruth League sclrps $1,000 softball players H School

  2. BAC Bates mbr child

  3. Bachus Schanker LLC sclrp $2,000HSup 800 word on 7th Amendment

  4. Back-to-School Haiku $500 submit original haiku

  5. Bagby Fndn For Musical Arts Study Grants $6,000 501 Fifth Ave Suite 1401 New York NY 10017

  6. Bailey Eagle Scout sclrps $2,000-$4,000

  7. Bailey Robert B. sclrp ​$1,500 to minority students planning to study abroad\

  8. Bank sponsored sclrp all you have to do is fill an application in the bank or online

  9. Bankrate #FutureSelfie sclrp $3,000 Post to Twitter, Facebook or Bankrate page

  10. Bankrate on Facebook

  11. Barbara Bolding Water Ski Fndn $5k mbrs merit essay

  12. Barbara DeMara Memorial sclrp to Macomb students interested in pursuing a career as a Certified Medical Assistant.

  13. Barry Gillman Humanitarian sclrp $5000 Be in ICFNJ mbr institutions; must do volunteer service project

  14. Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence In Education Fndn $7,500/year STEM

  15. Barry Goldwater Sclrsp $7,500 in 2nd or 3rd yr

  16. Baseball National Amateur Baseball Federation

  17. Baseball sclrp you have played baseball in high school. you must respond via a video

  18. Bat Conservation International Student Research Sclrsp $5,000

  19. sclrps $3,000

  20. Canadian Tuition Assistance Grant

  21. Early Acceptance sclrp

  22. Early Deposit sclrp

  23. GARBC Talents for Christ sclrp

  24. BBG Coms sclrp $1,000

  25. Beans for Brains $3,200 For knitters in particular, Jimmy Beans Wool gives five sclrps

  26. Beat the GMAT Sclrsp mbrs discussion forum

  27. Beatrice F. Kroesche Fund sclrp to single women who is visually or hearing challenged, or a single mother who is in good academic standing and majoring in humanities or education. minimum

  28. Beaweb

  29. Becas Univison sclrps Minimum Be of Hispanic heritage

  30. Because College is Expensive $500 random drawing

  31. Beebe Fund for Muscians $16,000 music 290 Huntington Avenue Boston MA 02115

  32. Beef Industry sclrp ten $1,500.00 sclrps commitment to a career in the beef industry through classes, internships or life experiences. contact us at (303) 694-0305 or

  33. Behavior Health Academic $5000 3 awards essay in nursing, counseling, psychology, social work, marriage/ family therapy,

  34. Being an MLA mbr or being the child of a mbr is all you need to qualify for this sclrp.

  35. Gilman have Pellabroad program or internship

  36. Bailey Family Fund Healthcare mid­ Michigan counties:

  37. Bessie Irene Smith Trust sclrp financial need.

  38. Best Price Nutrition and Health sclrp $1,000

  39. Bethesda Lutheran Com Service $10,000 benefit people with disabilities http://bethesdalutherancommuniti

  40. Bethesda Lutheran Homes $1,500

  41. Better America sclrp Program $1,000 essay 200 words describing how you intend to change America in order to qualify for this award.

  42. Better Chance Sclrsp for families of veterans, mbrs VVA or AVVA

  43. Better Chicago $2,000 what contribute to Chicago's cultural landscape?"

  44. Better than a Loan sclrp $2,000 tweet @LendzaLoans with Bus idea essay

  45. Betty Hansen National $2500 Women

  46. Abernathy Memorial Scholarship $20,000 HS merit science education. intend to teach science

  47. BG $300 essay 12 awards monthly.

  48. BHW $ 3,000 Women in Engrng or math Essay on favorite app

  49. BIA Higher Education/Hopi Indian $1,500 Grant,

  50. Bibliographical Research Fellowship $6,000

  51. Big Future sclrps 2,200

  52. Big Future Search may reapply each year.

  53. Bigger Picture Purpose $500 HSup Submit picture of you living out your purpose 300-word essay of what your purpose is in the “big picture”& obstacles

  54. Bill & Ildiko Knott Macomb Community College $ 1,000 to recognize and encourage outstanding academic achievement.completed 24 semester hours in 1000 level or above courses log on to My Macomb, select Current and Former Students, select Financial Aid, click on OASIS

  55. Bill Kane MCC UG $1,000 to any health education major 400 word essay explaining how student will impact the health education field now, and in the future by bringing their personal traits into the essay.

  56. Billy Barty Foundation: to students who are short in stature (under 4’10”) have proof of dwarfism.

  57. Billy Welu Professional Bowlers Assn $1,000.

  58. Bint Jebail Cultural Center 15 sclrps of $500, mostly to students in Michigan, Good personal conduct is also a criterion for eligibility. Please call for more information. (313) 584-0011

  59. Bird Golf Academy $1,000 essay 1,000 words about you.

  60. Blackbird sclrp $3,750 Accredited culinary schools.

  61. Blinded Veterans Assn , Kathern Gruber $2,000

  62. Blitman $5000 HS from ethnic minority has been accepted into an ABET-accredited Engrng program

  63. Blogging Sclrsp $1,000

  64. Blues Heaven Fndn $2,000

  65. Bluetooth Breakthrough Award $5,000 application or prototype

  66. BMI Founders Award sclrp $5000 for radio broadcasting students.

  67. BMW/SAE Engrng sclrp ($1,500) Academic scores, no essay, be pursuing an Engrng or related science degree.

  68. BMX racing Bob Warnicke Sclrsp racing participant

  69. Bnai Zion Fndn Hebrew language $100

  70. Bobbi Martini Memorial Respiratory Therapy in Respiratory Therapy program at Macomb Community College for tuition, fees and/or books Bobbi Martini Memorial Endowed Respiratory Therapy Scholarship

  71. Bobby Sox sclrp $100 to $2,500, HS in the Bobby Sox Softball Program

  72. Bocconi sclrps in Italy for International Students full tuition for the semesters.

  73. Bonner Scholars Program FN, service required

  74. Borders Binc Fndn 27 awards Borders employee

  75. Boren Fellowships $30,000 National Security Edu grad to add a language

  76. Boren Scholarship Go overseas $8000 8 weeks $10,000 semester $20kyear

  77. Bowen Louisa Sclrp for G Students in Archival Admin

  78. Bowling Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow Sclrsps USBC $6,000 mbrs

  79. Bowling Curwen Blackburn Fund in league HS

  80. Bowling Earl Anthony Memorial USBC $5,000 mbrs

  81. Bowling Gift for Life Sclrsps USBC $5,000 mbrs

  82. Bowling sclrp are that you have played in a bowling league before essay topic “My Bowling life”

  83. Bowling USBC Alberta Crowe Sclrsps USBC $6,000 mbrs

  84. Bowling USBC Annual Zeb Sclrsps USBC $2,500 mbrs

  85. Bowling Youth Ambassador Sclrsps USBC $1,500 mbrs

  86. Boy Scout Lindenwood University sclrps $6,000 to $12,000 per year (renewable)

  87. Boy Scouts of America, National Eagle Scout Scholarships HSup http://www.nesa/scholar

  88. Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Youth of Year $50,000 cultivate leadership. have overcome incredible odds and have shown exceptional character in service to their club and Comty.

  89. Boys And Girls Clubs $2,000 HS

  90. Brandes sclrp $4,000. 18-22 age online quiz & essay on what was learned from quiz based upon understanding of the "money personalities"

  91. Breast cancer has contributed to who you are today

  92. Breast Cancer Survivor sclrp $1000 100 words educational goal

  93. Bremer Family $500 Church work Financial Aid at Concordia College Ann Arbor, Mich 734-995-7408.

  94. Brian W. Caldwell Scholarship to Product Development students enrolled in an internship at Macomb Community College.

  95. Bright Futures $10,000 GPA 3.3 FinNd scholars

  96. Brightest Minds MBA Scholarship $25,000 have to complete Economist GMAT Tutor simulation test

  97. Brilliance $1,500 create original diamond ring design

  98. Broadcast Education Assn $5,000

  99. Broadcast Edu Assn Nielson $2500 in any electronic media area.

  100. Broadcast Education Assn Sclrshps

  101. Broadcasting KATU Minority Scholarship $4,000

  102. Broadcasting L & C Prato Reporting $1,000

  103. Broadcasting Luddy Sclrsp $2,500

  104. Broadcasting Your Aspirations Sclrsp $2,500 write a blog

  105. Broadcasting Youth Sclrsp $1,500 HS

  106. BrokerFish sclrp $1,000: 500-1,000 word essay

  107. Brose Jefferson MacombCCin the Automated Systems Technology, Mechatronics, Muti-Skill Technician or Production Operator programs.

  108. Brownells/NRA Outstand Achievement Youth Award $5,000 mbrs

  109. Brownstone 1000 essay on 99 year prison sentence

  110. Bruce Lee Fndn for HS and college, based on application

  111. Bryant Surety Bonds sclrps $1,000 Essay Cntst and/or one sclrp is provided to the winner of a visual content Cntst, visual can be an image, infographic, cinemagraph, video, or slides.

  112. Buckley Moss Society Harbison $1,500 language related learning

  113. Bucks County Courier Times, Summer Internship Program, $4,380

  114. Bud Siegfried sclrp $1,000 500 word essay about how an injury attorney can make a difference in certain situations

  115. Buddy Pelletier Surfing Fndn mbrs $1,000

  116. Buffalo Wild Wings address:

  117. Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant or hospitality

  118. Buffett, Susan T. Fndn sclrp Up to $8,500

  119. Buick Achievers Scholarship Program $100,000 over four years (multiple winners) to 3,400 study in science, technology, Engrng, math, design and select Bus fields.

  120. Build Your Future be in Constr industry through a NCCER or a state / federally approved apprenticeship program in a merit-shop

  121. Burger King Scholars

  122. Burger King Scholars Program $1,000-$50,000. to Burger King employees and their children to . Applicants do NOT need to work at Burger King

  123. Busch, Sue J. Memorial Award must be in final year in their degree program. must also have a specialized interest in providing services to pets of elderly and disabled people. 

  124. Bus GreenPal Bus Sclrsp $2,000

  125. Bus Nat Defense Transportation Assn $4,000

  126. Bus Plan Students With Disabilities: Small Bus twice a year, 500 essay 'What I learned from writing a Bus plan." have learning, hearing, physical, or visual disabilities

  127. Bus Yos Young Entrepreneus Program $40,000

c cc quick find marker

  1. Calcot Seitz Fndn $1,000 Agriculture Education http://www.Calcot.Com

  2. California School $1,500 School Librarian Media Teacher

  3. California School Blanchard $1,000 School Librarian Media Teacher

  4. Calvin Alumni Ass-Southeast Mi $1,000. 4 awards based on academic performance.

  5. Campbell Family Trust $8,500 pet-related pre-veterinary make pet life better

  6. Cancer survivors Fund Essay 500 words or less

  7. Cappex Monthly sclrp $1,000 monthly prize Don’t let a low GPA scare you away from applying for sclrps. Just register for a free account and you’ll be entered to win the prize.

  8. Capt James Regan Sclrsp $500 in law enforcement, essay

  9. Captain Caliendo US Coast Guard Chief Petty Officars Assn child $5,000

  10. CaptainU Student-Athlete sclrp $2,000 to play at the next level.

  11. Car Safety Video sclrp $1500-$500

  12. Career Coll Assn Training Fdtn Imagine America $1,000 vocational

  13. CareerFitter sclrp $500

  14. Cargill Comty Program HS from farm $1,000

  15. Carnes, Wilson sclrp $300, Animal Training sclrp FFA mbrs 1,000 word essay. Colleges.Niche.Com

  16. Carol McLaughlin Career sclrp Macomb Community College alum. 250-word essay on their goals, career path, and service to the Comty. Special consideration will be given to applicants who have had involvement in beautification or environmental projects.

  17. Carson Scholars Fund $1,000 merit

  18. Cartography CaGis Sclrsps $1,500

  19. Cassie Lynn Spence Memorial preference grads of Stevenson High School in pre-elementary ed essay

  20. Casting Your Future UAW HSup

  21. Castle Ink Post something about recycling on social media use the hashtag #CastleInk. linking to fill out the application or. Make something cool out of used printer ink cartridges, laser toner, or your old printer. Snap a picture of it, and send it over to us

  22. Catawba Island Club employee

  23. Catch a Break! sclrp

  24. Cathaline Leated Scholarship

  25. CBC Spouses Education Afn essay

  26. CBCF Congressional Black Fellowship Afn staff $40,000 with benefits

  27. CelebrityTalentPromotions Annual $1,250 majoring in Marketing Bus, Journalism, Event Management, and Hospitality

  28. Cenie Jomo Williams Social Work $2,000 Afn;

  29. Center for Education Solutions Charnon Memorial $1,500 general

  30. Center for International Humanitarian Cooperation helps Humanitarians

  31. Center for the Education of Women 40 awards $1000-$10,000

  32. CMU Central Michigan University Scholarships details see

  33. CMU Business Information Systems Department IS Endowed Student Award:

  34. CMU Business Wells Cook Endowment

  35. CMU Business Diehl Award in Business Information Systems

  36. CMU Business Deloitte, LLP Award

  37. CMU Business Damon P. Lindley Achievement Award

  38. CMU Business Chris and Denise McBride Annual Award

  39. CMU Business Stephen and Elisa Tracy Annual Award $1,500

  40. CMU Business Lillian Winsor Memorial Scholarship

  41. CMU School of Accounting Transfer Student

  42. CMU Bohannon Family Endowed Scholarship

  43. CMU Crawford & Winiarski/Rodney Crawford Scholarship in Forensic Accounting

  44. CMU Deloitte LLP Award

  45. CMU Robin Dilling Vatalaro Scholarship

  46. CMU Philip Kintzele School of Accounting

  47. CMU Maner, Costerisan & Ellis, P. C. Scholarship

  48. CMU Masters of Business Administration/Accounting Concentration Scholarship

  49. CMU Linda Jaye Masak Memorial Scholarship

  50. CMU Doeren Mayhew Scholarship

  51. CMU Michael F. & Mary F. O’Donnell Endowed Scholarship

  52. CMU Leonard E. Plachta Accounting Scholarship

  53. CMU Plante & Moran Scholarship

  54. CMU PricewaterhouseCoopers Accounting UG Scholarship

  55. CMU PricewaterhouseCoopers MBA Award

  56. CMU Reed Family Scholarship

  57. CMU The Rehmann Group Scholarship

  58. CMU James & Ann Rosloniec Endowed Scholarship

  59. CMU SAS/James Beard Scholarship

  60. CMU Paul S. Spece Award

  61. CMU Grant G. Skomski & Mary Jane Flanagan Award

  62. CMU Yeo & Yeo Scholarship

  63. CMU Scholarships for Incoming Bus Freshmen

  64. CMU College of Bus Administration

  65. CMU Arthur Andersen Endowed Fund in Accounting up to $1,800

  66. CMU Jerry & Felicia Campbell Scholarship $12,000-$20,000 over 4 years

  67. CMU Rob & Liz Haar Cornerstone Endowed Scholarship

  68. CMU Fredrick & Rosemary Kreft Endowed Scholarship up to $2,500 per student

  69. CMU Kirk H. Love Scholarship up to $1,500

  70. CMU Paul C. Mathis II Memorial Scholarship

  71. CMU Habib Zuberi Scholarship

  72. CMU Citizens Insurance Company Of America Scholarship

  73. CMU L.A. Johns/Isabella Bank Endowed Scholarship

  74. CMU W. Lyle Willhite Scholarship

  75. CMU Prasad Financial Management Assn Endowed Scholarship

  76. CMU Schuette Family College Of Bus Administration Scholarship

  77. CMU Urban Land Institute Detroit District Council Real Estate Scholarship

  78. CMU American Photo Marketing Entrepreneurship Scholarship

  79. CMU Jack & Nancy Benedict Endowed Award

  80. CMU Bryant-Brummell Bus Award Bus Administration

  81. CMU Bus Leadership Scholarship

  82. CMU CBA Alumni Scholarship

  83. CMU Chemical Financial Scholarship

  84. CMU DMF Bait Company/Dan Beaudoin Award

  85. CMU Deloitte LLP Annual Scholarship

  86. CMU Deluca College of Bus Award

  87. CMU G. Roland & Olga Jones Denison Scholarship

  88. CMU Gregory & JoAnn DeWitt Endowed Award

  89. CMU Lee & Lori Dow Endowed Scholarship

  90. CMU Dow Corning Endowed Scholarship

  91. CMU J. Dean & Betty L. Eckersley Bus Administration Scholarship

  92. CMU Drusilla Farwell Foundation Award

  93. CMU Richard and Virginia Feusse Scholarship

  94. CMU Cynthia Dickey Fitzgerald Award

  95. CMU Future Bus Leadership Sp Allen & Nancy Vander Laan Endowed Scholarship

  96. CMU The Frank Gall Award

  97. CMU Glenn Family Foundation Scholarship

  98. CMU Michael & Glenda Glenn Sales Institute Scholarship

  99. CMU William & Marjorie Goodhue

  100. CMU Harter Family Endowed Scholarship

  101. CMU Robert E. Hutchinson Memorial Scholarship

  102. CMU Independent Bank Scholarship

  103. CMU Willie Frances and Robert James, Sr. Award

  104. CMU J. Edward Johnson Scholarship

  105. CMU Kench Scholarship

  106. CMU Alan W. Madsen Scholarship

  107. CMU MECCA

  108. CMU Eugene McKay III Bus School Scholarship

  109. CMU Dorothy G. & Robert E. Monica Endowed Scholarship

  110. CMU Marilyn and Jerry Morey Annual Award

  111. CMU Morris Family Scholarship

  112. CMU Phi Chi Theta Endowed Award

  113. CMU Lawrence Rahilly Scholarship

  114. CMU Paul & Barbara Richards Scholarship

  115. CMU The Roh Scholarship

  116. CMU Judge Bill & Eileen Rush Scholarship

  117. CMU Scribner Family Scholarship

  118. CMU Paul Smuts Scholarship

  119. CMU Somes Family Endowed Award in Entrepreneurship

  120. CMU Kevin J. Summers Scholarship

  121. CMU Mark & Michelle Szymczak

  122. CMU Mike & Beth Tierney Endowed Scholarship

  123. CMU Velser/Prasad Scholarship

  124. CMU Voigtman Family Endowed Scholarship

  125. CMU James H. Wanty Award

  126. CMU Dr. James R. Burley Endowed Scholarship

  127. CMU Conway Freight Inc. Endowed Logistics Honors Award

  128. CMU Dr. Robert & Karen Cook Endowed Scholarship

  129. CMU Leo G. Erickson Excellence in Marketing Scholarship

  130. CMU Theodore Goosen Memorial Scholarship

  131. CMU Marketing Faculty Scholarship

  132. CMU Dr. Patrick Okonkwo Outstanding Marketing Student Leader Award

  133. CMU Reed Family/Michigan Office Solutions Scholarship

  134. CMU Deborah Baroli Govitz Memorial Scholarship Hospitality

  135. CMU William Brehm, Sr. Scholarship

  136. CMU Kathryn L. Brown Memorial Scholarship

  137. CMU Hospitality Services Administration Scholarship

  138. CMU LaBelle Management Scholarship

  139. CMU Richard E. Veazey Endowment

  140. CMU Outstanding Student Awards

  141. CMU check their websites for more and new scholarships

  142. Central Newspapers Pulliam Journalism Fellowships $6,500

  143. Centro de Idiomas del Sureste A.C., Intensive Spanish

  144. CenturyLink Quote Sclrsp $1,000 create an infographic

  145. Ceramics American Ceramic Society Hoffman Sclrsp $2,000

  146. CEW sclrps women who are returning to school. U of Michigan

  147. CFBTA Finance $2,500 financial services merit essay FinNd

  148. Chairscholars Fndn Nat disabled $5,000 HSup

  149. Chaldean Federt Am 10 students essay (248) 851-3023 (248) 996-8384

  150. Chaldean Federatn of Am Chaldean Talent sclrp (248) 851-3023 (248) 996-8384

  151. Chaldean Federatn of AmNewcomer in US less than 5yrs.248 8513023 (248) 996-8384

  152. Challenge Sclrsp Nat Strength mbr

  153. $3,000 Answer 3 questions

  154. Charles Evans sclrp

  155. Charles Kosmutza Memorial Grant $2,500 Essay Cntst answering question

  156. Charles Kosmutza Memorial Grant $1,000 Essay Cntst answering question

  157. Charles Shafae' Sclrsp $1,000 essay

  158. Charles T Stoner Law Sclrsp $1,000 for female basketball player

  159. Charlie Logan Sclrsp for Seamen $20,000 $6,000

  160. Charlie Wells Memorial Aviation $-+ Scholarship

  161. Chase MajGen Harold Essay $3,000 active Marines & Reserve for a new better way of “doing Bus” in the Marine Corps.

  162. Chef and restaurant manager Scholarship. essay

  163. Chef Ken Shaw Culinary Arts Endowed Scholarship in MacombCC Culinary Institute. half-time enrollment each semester of award

  164. Chef Ken Shaw Culinary Arts Endowed sclrp Provides tuition assistance to students in the MacombCC Culinary Institute. award is for tuition and educational expenses

  165. Chegg $1000 monthly sclrp must submit a short application online telling a quote they live by and why it is important to them. active in Comty service.

  166. Chemistry Iota Sigma Pi Chemistry $500

  167. Cherokee Nation Higher Education $2,000

  168. Chester M. Vernon Memorial Eagle Scout sclrp $1,000

  169. Chester Vernon Memorial Eagle Scout $1,000 Jewish

  170. Chicago Engineers’ Fndn

  171. Chicago Mercantile Exchange National Pork Producers $2,500

  172. Chicago Roofing Contractors Assn $3,000 Bus; Engrng; Architecture

  173. Chick / Sophie Major Duck Calling $2000 HS awarded $60,000

  174. Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship Full tuition/board largest sclrp organization in sports merit FinNd

  175. Chickasaw Nation Education Fndn $2,500 grant

  176. Chief Master Sergeants of Air Force Sclrsps for families of air force

  177. Chief Petty Officer Sclrsp Fund for Navy families

  178. Child Nutrition Fndn $1,200 food service ASFSA mbr

  179. Children of Deaf Adults Organization $1,500

  180. Children of Lesbian and Gays Everywhere Dubin Sclrp $1,000

  181. Children of Warriors National Presidents' Sclrsp $3,500

  182. Chopin Fndn Of The US Young Pianists $1,000 a year

  183. Christian Cheerleaders of America HS merit

  184. Christian Church-Disciples of Christ Rowley theology $-+ FinNd

  185. Christian Church-Disciples of Christ Schutze theology $-+ female

  186. Christian Church-Disciples of Christ Star supporter theology $2,000 loan FinNd

  187. Christian Church-Disciples of Christ theology $-+ FinNd

  188. Christian Comty Credit Union Multi-year sclrp essay

  189. Christophers Video Cntst $2,000

  190. Chrysler Fndn Minority Bus, Engrng, finance, supply chain managmt,IT HR marketing or comtn

  191. Chuck Allen Snowboard sclrp Award

  192. Church's Chicken Comty sclrp HS seniors

  193. CIA UGuate Sclrsp FN

  194. CIHC humanitarians who continue to respond to emergencies in world.

  195. Circle Michigan sclrp tourism hospitality

  196. CIRI "Cap" Lathrop Endowment Alaska Natives

  197. Ciri Fndn Ciri Fndn Special Excellence sclrps-merit comty service :

  198. Citigroup Fellows Prg $6,400 Bus Mgmt AccountingEcon IT FinNd . https://www.mycollegeopt

  199. Civ Eng building industry Pulte group build your future Sclrsp

  200. CIVIL Air Patrol Scholarships $750 Humanities; Science; Engrng Education

  201. Civil Air Patrol UGuate Sclrp $750

  202. Civil Engrng AGC G Sclrsp $7,500

  203. Civil Engrng Associated General Contractors of America $2,500

  204. Civil Engrng ASTIM Mather $7,500 cement

  205. Civil Engrng Coll sclrp $2,500 HS Transport Am Assn St Highway

  206. Civil Engrng Composit Panel Assn Dougherty Edu Fndn Sclrsp $5,000

  207. Civil Engrng Concrete ACI Fellowship $10,000

  208. Civil Engrng Concrete ACI James Instruments on NDC $1,500

  209. Civil Engrng Internship 9623_38029_57100---,00.html

  210. Civil Engrng Nat Assn of Women in Constr UG Sclrsp

  211. Civil Engrng Nat Precast Concrete Assn Edu Fndn Sclrsp $2,500

  212. Civil Engrng residential Constr Evans Sclrsp

  213. Civil Society Scholar $15,000 doctoral & faculty teaching

  214. Civilian Marksmanship (participants) Program CMP $1,000

  215. CKSF sclrp Funds $250 to $2,500 for just taking “common knowledge” quizzes All U.S. high school, college, and G students are eligible.

  216. Clan Macbean Fndn $5,000 be Scotch humanistics

  217. Classes USA several grant programs

  218. Claus, Joey Memorial Automotive

  219. CLEP-College Level Examination Program-Save Time

  220. Cliffside Malibu sclrps $8,500 create video, website, article, or app. http://student-scholarships.cliffsidem

  221. Cliffside Malibu sclrps $6,000 create video website article or app. http://student-scholarships.cliffsidemalib

  222. Cliffside Malibu $4,000 create video website article or app.

  223. Clowns of America International sclrp

  224. Club Fndn $2,500 private club management

  225. Clubs of America sclrp $1000 Career Success essay

  226. Coast Guard College Student Pre-Comm Initiave

  227. Coast Guard Fndn Sclrsp

  228. Coca-Cola All State Community College Academic Team $2,000

  229. Coca-Cola Comty Coll Academic Team $1,500 merit beyond classroom to benefit society. See above

  230. Coca-Cola Pay It Forward sclrp Program Afn American moms 20 winners each $5,000

  231. Coca-Cola Scholars Fndn 250 achievement-based sclrps $20,000 -$10,000.

  232. Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation: 2-Year $1,000 a year Scholarship

  233. Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation: 4-Year $2,500 a year Scholarship

  234. Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation: 4-Year $5,000 a year Scholarship

  235. Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship $20,000 top prize (x150 winners) awards over $3.45 million in sclrps to more than 1,400 students

  236. Coca-Cola Scholars Program sclrp $20,000 Awards Available: 250

  237. Coffee Cup Nat Music Concil your viewpoint on Issues

  238. Coleopterists Society Youth Incentive Award Smithsonian Inst $400 Jr H HS

  239. College Board's sclrp Search!

  240. College Completer sclrp $18000

  241. College Is Power Sclrsp $1,000

  242. College jumpstart $1000 merit answer question 250 words

  243. College Preparatory Invitational CPI $500 Comty service

  244. College Prowler $2000 No Essay Scholarship monthly random drawing

  245. College sclrp Essay $1,000 500wd essay reducing distracted driving

  246. weekly sclrps participate in site's discussions some got $20,000 in combined sclrps

  247. CollegeSTEPS $1000 HSup raffle

  248. CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes $1,000 x160 age 14 up-college

  249. CollegeStepsSweepstakes $5000

  250. CollegeWeekLive,com monthly $1,000 login visit 3 virtual college booths eligible the drawing.


  252. Colorado Christian U Presidential $9,000 merit

  253. Colorado Restaurant Assn $2,500

  254. Colorado Society of CPAs Educational Fndn $1,000 minorty HS

  255. Colorado Society of CPAs Educational Fndn $2,500

  256. Colorado Society of CPAs Educational Fndn $2,500 minorty

  257. Columbia Fruit $-+ HSup

  258. Columbia Marketing Inter­national $-+ HSup

  259. Comeback Clothes $10,000 max age 26 yrs most fabric can be recycled yet 85% put in landfills collect old recycle them submit foto The more clothes you collect, the more entries earn.

  260. Comision Femenil to Latina women $1,500 FinNd

  261. Commerce Bank sclrp selected at random

  262. Commercial Video make one about driving share

  263. Common Knowledge sclrp Fndn $250-$5,000 Take a quiz opportunity to win

  264. Commonweal Fndn Pathways to Success JHS HS to boarding $4,000

  265. Community College Scholarship must be 16 full time. $2500

  266. Comty Veterinary Partners $1,000 essay on specified questions

  267. Compare cards - all you have to do is enter http://www.comparecards.

  268. Competitive Cheer Coaches Assn of Michigan be mbr MHSAA

  269. Competitive sclrp, $2,500 in Engr Constr Cptr Sci IT merit,essay

  270. Computer Graphics Rhythm And Hues Studios $4,000

  271. Computing Research Assn Outstanding UG Resr Award $1,000

  272. Conclave Brown College or Detroit-Specs Howard School of Broadcasting tuition

  273. Conclave Music merit FinNd $25,000 +

  274. Concorso Internazionale Di Violino Comptn $25,000 violin

  275. Concorso Internazionale Piano Comptn big $

  276. Concorso Internazionale Quartet Comptn $19,000

  277. Concours Clara Haskil Piano Comptn $20,000

  278. Concours Geza Anda International Piano Comptn $60,000

  279. Conf Minority Transportation Officials Brinckerhoff Engrng Sclrsp $2,500

  280. Conference of Minority Public Administrators $1,000

  281. Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Program HS merit

  282. Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Education Sclrsp

  283. Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Summer Internship Program

  284. Congressional Medal of Honor Society children of

  285. Connecticut Building Congress Fund $2,000

  286. Consolidated food sclrp $500 Must be majoring in a field related to culinary arts or hospitality.

  287. Constr Nat Assn of Women in Constr Trades Sclrsp

Construction see Civil Engrng

  1. Consulting Engineers Council Of Penn $2,000

  2. Continuing Education MaryBarrie Sclrsp all students $2,500

  3. Cooper Industries Supports Engrng Bus at UNCF schools

  4. Cooper-Standard Pgm Michigan residents in buisness, finance, Coms, Engrng or IT

  5. Copyright Awareness $5000 ages 13 and 25. submit video on copyright law.

  6. Corporate Leadership sclrps $1500 in GEF center

  7. Cosmetology Joe Francis Haircare Sclrsp $1,200

  8. Costume Design Intrnsp $4,000 Theatre Costume DeArt

  9. Charles and Lucille Family Foundation several $10,000 in film broadcasting

  10. Costumes Wholesale Halloween Costumes $500 Meme for

  11. Council For Exceptional Children $500 blk Caucus

  12. Council of Citizens With Low Vision, Fred Scheigert

  13. Council of Energy Resource Tribes Bus $1,000

  14. Countdown to College sclrp 1,000 http://potentialmagazine.

  15. Courage to Grow

  16. Courage to Grow $6,000 essay

  17. Courage to Grow $50 essay monthly

  18. Course $1,000 monthly drawing answer short questions

  19. Court Reporting Frank Sarli Mem Sclrsp $2,000

  20. Coyne Wm 30 hrs Comunty service during HS family in CreditUnion1

  21. CPAexcel $2,500 1 accounting course random drawing.

  22. Crafts (metals, clay, wood) painting, drawing Weaving; Glass; Blacksmithing Haystack Mountain School Of Crafts 90 Awards

  23. Create Real Impact Cntst $1,500 For full-time students ages of 14 and 22. Create a video, music, artwork, creative writing your idea to solve the problem of distracted driving.

  24. Create Real Impact $1,500 solutions to driving distractions Create original work

  25. Create-a-Greeting Card $10,000 for Bus use.

  26. Creative Arts; Visual Arts Irish Arts Council

  27. Creators’ sclrp $1,000 essay on how your creativity

  28. Credit for what you already know CLEP and other programs

  29. Credit Proper Use of Credit Essay $3000, $2000, $1000. how to use credit properly.

  30. sclrp $3000 submit 800 word essay to qualify for this award.

  31. Crohn’s and Colitis Fndn of America Student Research Awards $2.500

  32. Crosslites sclrp 400 wd essay based on quote compete against other of the same grade level.

  33. CTA Chavez Edu Awards essay or visual piece teacher who is a mbr of the CTA. K-college.

  34. Culinary American Culinary Federation Sclrsps

  35. Culinary G Marshall Sclrsp

  36. Cullen Leadership $4,000 essay leadership activities.

  37. Curt Greene Memorial Sclrsp $2,500 harness racing

  38. Custom Jewelry sclrp $1,000 minimum 1,000-word essay on the following topic: “Why buy custom jewelry?”

  39. Custom Jewelry sclrp $1,000 1,000-word essay on the following topic: “Why buy custom jewelry?”

  40. Cybersecurity Public Service up to $20,000 a year for two years must commit to work for the Commonwealth of Virginia for one year

d dd quick find marker

  1. Daedalian Fndn Aviation $-+

  2. Daedalian Fndn Aviation $2,000

  3. Daedalian Fndn Descendants Aviation $-+ dess of mbrs

  4. Dam Assn of State Dam Safety $10,000

  5. Dance NYCDA many $500 to $160,000 acting and dance.

  6. Dance Ruth Abernathy Presidential $1,250 UG merit be majoring in dance or physical education

  7. Dance Ruth Abernathy Presidential 1,750 to G merit be majoring in dance or physical education

  8. Dancers Caroline Newhouse Sclrsp $2,00

  9. Daniel B. Goldberg sclrp in a G program in state and local government finance.

  10. Danish Sisterhood of America mbr $-+ Sclrp Danish

  11. Danish Sisterhood of America mbr Betty Danish $1,000

  12. Danish Sisterhood of America mbr Hansen Danish $500

  13. Danish Sisterhood of America mbr Olga Danish $500

  14. Danish Sisterhood of America mbr Past Nat Officers Danish $500

  15. Danish Sisterhood of America mbr Sorensen Danish $750

  16. DAR Dr. Aura-Lee A. James Pittenger American History $2,000 Sclrp

  17. DAR Enid Hall Griswold Memorial $1,000 Sclrp

  18. DAR Lillian and Arthur Dunn $2,000

  19. DAR National Society Holt Nursing $500 FinNd

  20. Daughters (of officers) of the Cincinnati Sclrsp

  21. Daughters of American Revolution Nat Soc Butcher Music Sclrp

  22. Daughters of American Revolution Nat Soc Occupational Therapy Sclrp $500

  23. Daughters of the Cincinnati $4,000 HS armed forces daughters

  24. Davenport Scholarships for details see

  25. Davenport Si Se Puede Cesar E. Chavez Up to Full Tuition

  26. Davenport Martin Luther King Inherit the Dream Up to Full Tuition

  27. Davenport Titanium Up to $6,000

  28. Davenport Platinum Up to $4,000

  29. Davenport Gold Up to $3,000

  30. Davenport Silver Up to $2,000

  31. Davenport Comty Leadership Up to $1,500

  32. Davenport HS Scholarship Gerald R. Ford Memorial Up to Full Tuition

  33. Davenport HS Scholarship President's Up to Full Tuition

  34. Davenport HS Scholarship Martin Luther King Inherit the Dream Up to Full Tuition

  35. Davenport HS Scholarship Titanium Up to $6,000

  36. Davenport HS Scholarship Platinum Up to $4,000

  37. Davenport HS Scholarship Gold Up to $3,000

  38. Davenport HS Scholarship Silver Up to $2,000

  39. Davenport Foundation Scholarship there are several but not listed on their site

  40. Davenport Hearst Foundations Scholarship Program

  41. Davenport Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  42. Davenport Farmers Insurance Annual Scholarship

  43. Davenport Mary Walsh Kole Memorial Nursing Scholarship

  44. Davenport Lowe Family Annual Scholarship

  45. Davenport Study Abroad Annual Scholarship Eligible Campus: All

  46. Davenport Lisa Trombley Memorial Scholarship Eligible Campus: Warren, Livonia

  47. Davenport Housing Scholarship housing

  48. Davenport Veterans of Foreign Wars offers up to $5,000 in scholarships

  49. Davenport National Military Family Assn has several scholarship

  50. Davenport Veterans United Foundation Scholarship offers up to $20,000

  51. Davenport Army Nurse Corp Assn offers a yearly scholarship for veterans.

  52. Davenport offers a yearly scholarship for veterans.

  53. Davenport Military VA Loans offers a $1,000 Disability Awareness scholarship.

  54. Davenport Hill & Ponton Disability Attorneys offers a $1,000 yearly scholarship

  55. Davenport Wellcentive offers a $5,000 scholarship for veterans.

  56. Davenport Military MBA offers a scholarship for veterans in a Master degree program.

  57. Davenport Van Sant Law offers an annual scholarship of $1,000.

  58. Davenport other listed Farmers Insurance Annual Scholarship $10,000 toward student scholarships

  59. Davenport other listed Farmers Insurance Annual Scholarship $1,000-$5,000

  60. Davenport other listed RMI Scholarshps

  61. Davenport other listed Amerisure Insurance Companies

  62. Davenport other listed Angus Robinson Jr. Memorial Scholarship several $1,000 to $5,000

  63. Davenport other listed Assn of Insurance Compliance Professionals

  64. Davenport other listed Blue Goose Internat Michigan Pond claims adjusters three $500

  65. Davenport other listed Central Michigan Adjusters Assn (typically three to six at $500 each)

  66. Davenport other listed Derek Hughes/NAPSLO several scholarships $1,000 to $5,000

  67. Davenport other listed Detroit Chapter of the Risk and Insurance Management Soc two $1,000

  68. Davenport other listed Grand Rapids Adjusters Assn

  69. Davenport other listed Grand Rapids Insurance Professionals

  70. Davenport other listed Insurance Institutes CPCU Scholarship

  71. Davenport other listed International Assn of Insurance Professionals

  72. Davenport other listed Michigan Adjusters Assn two at $500 each)

  73. Davenport other listed Michigan Public Risk Ins Managers Assn 5 from $500 to $1,000)

  74. Davenport other listed Muskegon Adjusters Assn $250 scholarship

  75. Davenport other listed Saginaw Valley Adjusters Assn

  76. Davenport other listed The CPCU-Loman Education Foundation Internship

  77. Davenport other listed Society of Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters manyChapters

  78. Davenport other listed State Farm Foundation

  79. Davenport other listed Westran Insurance Scholarship Foundation (20 to 30 $2,000 scholarships;

  80. Davenport other listed National Student Nurses' Assn Up to $7,000

  81. Davenport other listed Providian Medical Equipment $500

  82. Davenport other listed Oncology Nursing Society Up to $5,000

  83. Davenport other listed Foster G. McGaw

  84. Davenport other listed G Student Scholarship $5,000

  85. Davenport other listed National Assn of Hispanic Nurses $2,000

  86. Davenport other listed A Place For Mom $1,000

  87. Davenport other listed KMMBNA $1,000

  88. Davenport other listed Health Resources and Services Administration Full tuition

  89. Davenport other listed The American Occupational Therapy Assn $2,500

  90. Davenport other listed Aspiring Nurse Scholarship $1,000

  91. Davenport other listed Thermofisher Scientific Up to $10,000

  92. Davenport other listed Medical Assistant Degrees $500

  93. Davenport other listed $1,000

  94. Davenport other listed Cascade Healthcare Solutions $1,000

  95. Davenport other listed AHiMA Foundation Varies

  96. Davenport other listed $500

  97. Davenport other listed ACLS Medical Training $1,000

  98. Davenport other listed The Expert Institute $1,000

  99. Davenport other listed American Assn of Colleges of Nursing Varies

  100. Davenport other listed Nurse Journal Varies

  101. Davenport other listed Mary Free Bed Scholarship Varies

  102. Davenport other listed American Assn of University

  103. Davenport other listed Jeannette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund

  104. Davenport other listed Lakeshore ATHENA Scholarship

  105. Davenport other listed Vanguard Women in Information technology scholarship program

  106. Davenport other listed Women in Accounting (Women in Need Scholarship

  107. Davenport other listed Women in Transition Scholarship

  108. Davenport other listed Women's Education Coalition Grant Program

  109. Davenport other listed ISSA Education Foundation Varies emphasis on security

  110. Davenport other listed Microsoft Full or Partial tuition UG, Computer Science

  111. Davenport other listed Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences $2,500

  112. Davenport other listed Google for Education $10,000 UG or Grad, Computer Science

  113. Davenport other listed Horizons Varies UG Junior or Senior, Grad, Woman, Security Programs

  114. Davenport other listed IFCEA Varies UG Sophomore or Junior, Grad, any technology field

  115. Davenport other listed SMART $25,000-$38,000 UG or Grad, Computer Science

  116. Davenport other listed Xerox Minority $1,000 - $10,000 UG or Grad, Minority, Any technical field

  117. Davenport other listed Center for Cyber Security and Education Cyber Security

  118. Davenport other listed SWSIS Up to $10,000 UG, Grad, Woman, Information Security

  119. Davenport other listed Webucator $1,000 UG, Grad, Computer Science

  120. Davenport other listed Hub Names $1,200 UG, Grad, Computer Science

  121. Davenport other listed Rapid Seedbox $1,000

  122. Davenport check with them for additional new ones

  123. David and Barbara Kruse Paw Paw High School Scholarship , graduating from, paw paw highschool.

  124. David Bissonnette sclrp for teens affected by dyslexia. http://www. $1000. essay how affected edu?

  125. David Letterman sclrp $10,000 did 30 hours in Coms

  126. Davidson Fellows Scholarship Four $50,000 to gifted and talented under18, to in some way benefit society.

  127. Davidson Fellows Scholarship seven $25,000 to gifted and talented under18, to in some way benefit society.

  128. Davidson Fellows Scholarship five $10,000 to gifted and talented under18, to in some way benefit society.

  129. Davidson Institute For Talent Development $50,000 completed a significant piece of work in one of the designated application categories Science, Music Literature, Math, etc.

  130. Davis Law Group Sclr Athlete $100 HS essay Cntst for a $1000

  131. Davis Memorial Fndn spouse/child of roofing pro Constr $2,000

  132. Davis sclrp ($1000) essay designated on the website.

  133. Davis-Putter Fund $6,000 to students actively working for peace and justice

  134. Davis-PutterSocial Work sclrp Fund $10,000 FinNd activism

  135. Deceased Parent sclrp Lost a parent

  136. Deerfield Plastics employee Barker Family $1,550 Fund

  137. sclrp video on defensive driving

  138. sclrp $1,000 submit a photograph required “like” Facebook page

  139. DeForest Kelley/Dr. Leonard McCoy Medical $1,000 veterinary mbrs Starfleet

  140. Delete Cyberbullying sclrp $1,250 essay

  141. Dell Scholars Program $20,000 FinNd in readiness program 2 years.

  142. Delta Omicron for Sacred Choral Anthem for Solo Piano $500

  143. Delta Omicron for Sacred Choral Anthem 3-or 4 Part Voices $500

  144. Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Fndn mbr's daughters general

  145. DeMolay Fndn Grotto Humanitarian Fndn $1,500 medicine denistry

  146. Denny’s Single Parent Student weekly $1,500 Hispanic

  147. essay impact childhood hunger

  148. Dental ADEA Institute Sclrsp $2,000

  149. Dental ADEA Sigma Phi Alpha Devore $1,000

  150. Dental Allied Dental Health Sclrsp dental hygene

  151. Dental Am Dental Hygienists Assn Girts Sclrsp $2,000

  152. Dental Bright Smiles Bright Futures minority Sclrsp $1,250

  153. Dental Cadbury Adams Comty Outreach $2,000

  154. Dental Crest Oral-B Labs Dental Hygene $1,000

  155. Dental Hygienists Assn UG Sclrsp $1,000

  156. Dental Migrant Health Sclrsp $1,000 http://www.ncfa org

  157. Dental Minority Dental Student $2,500

  158. Dental My Kool Smiles $5,000 essay on dental health

  159. Dental Student sclrp $2,500 FinNd, Merit

  160. Dental Wilkins Sclrsp $1,000

  161. Dentistry Sclrsp $1,000 HSup

  162. Descendants of Signers of Declaration of Independence $3,000 general

  163. Design Fndn $2,000 in ISDA listed program

  164. Design Internat Furnishings & Design Assn $1,500

  165. Design Ruth Clark Furniture Design $3,000

  166. Design Sponge artists designers $10,500 sclrps.

  167. Design Student Design Comptn

  168. Design Tricia Green sustainable Design $1,000

  169. Design Worldstudio AIGA Sclrsp $3,000

  170. Design-A-Sign $1000 banner design that expresses your future dreams and goals you hope to achieve through higher education. decided by online public voting.

  171. Detroit Olivieri Mechanical Engrn essay

  172. Detroit Econ Club UG $2,000.Southeast Michigan FinNd be nominated by counselor

  173. Development Disabilities Scholastic Excel Lutheran $1,500 Nursing

  174. DeVry University sclrp & Grant for Bachelor’s Degrees $25,000
  175. DeVry University sclrps

  176. Diabetes Cutler Athletic $5,000 diabetes play sport in coll.

  177. Diabetes Jay $5,000 diabetes and  pursuing Arts Degree

  178. Diabetes JDRF Advocacy $1,000 sclrp diabetes in Polit Sci

  179. Diabetes JDRF Medical $1,000 diabetes healthcare nursing, pre-med, physical therapy, biomedical Engrng

  180. Diabetes JDRF Outreach $1,000 diabetes in Psychology or Social Work

  181. Diabetes JDRF Rising Star $5,000 with diabetes

  182. Diabetes Lilly Diabetes Tomorrow’s Leaders 11 sclrps at $5,000 with it

  183. Diabetes Lilly Diabetes Tomorrow’s Leaders sclrp 5 at $4,000 each with it

  184. Diabetes Lilly Diabetes Tomorrow’s Leaders 5 at $3,000 each with it

  185. Diabetes Nicky Randazzo sclrp – one $1,000 sclrp will be awarded to an incoming freshmen with type 1 diabetes and pursuing a Bus degree

  186. Diabetes Novo Nordisk sclrp 4 $5,000 with diabetes

  187. Diabetes Sanofi $5,000 students twith diabetes

  188. Diabetes for 68 years 4 $5,000 awarded randomly freshmen with it

  189. Diana Donald $1,000 ability to work effectively FinNd in planning or related field.

  190. Dickson Thomas L. sclrp $1,000

  191. Dietrich Roth in welding $2500 Michigan resident

  192. Digital Animation Game Design Ferris SU essay

  193. Digital Privacy $1,500 submit brief message about digital privacy

  194. Dina Shore Sclrsp female played golf

  195. Diplomaframe essay on a topic they choose

  196. Direct Energy $5,000 video60 secs on how live brighter by energy choices.

  197. College Sclrsp $800 merit creativity

  198. Haiku Sclrsp write poem

  199. Photo Essay Cntst $1,000

  200. Disability AMBUCS Scholars encouraged to become therapists $6,000

  201. Disability Life Back on Track sclrp HSsustained a life changing injury or illness

  202. Disability Student with Disability Sclrsp $5,000 grad

  203. Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary loans $2,500 general

  204. Discover Card Tribute $25,000 HS

  205. Discover offers sclrp up to $2500 no essay needed

  206. Discover Student Loans sclrp No essay $2,500 HSup

  207. Disney College Program Number of awards granted: 10,000 See video at Weekly pay, Discounts at select Walt Disney Theme park admission for cast mbrs, Wellness programs, On-site learning centers and programs, Educational opportunities. Students report it was a good life time experience. website is

  208. Dvrsy Advancement Minority to architect

  209. 5 of $500 minority study abroad, intern­

  210. Diving Women Divers Hall of Fame $2,000 all students

  211. Dixie Softball player $1,500

  212. Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc player $2,000 HS

  213. Dizzy Feet Foundation Scholarship $10,000

 in dance school, studio, university

  214. ezyDo-Over sclrp $1500 All students can apply

  215. Dogs American kennel Club Junior Sclrsp

  216. Doherty,William 5 $4000 to children of mbrs in NALC HS National Assn of Letter Carriers

  217. Dollars For Scholars HS

  218. Dolman Law Group Video $1,100 video potential of driverless

  219. Dolphin Scholarship Foundatn HSup descendents of submarine forces $3,250

  220. Dolphin Sclrsp for children of Navy Submariners

  221. Don Reynolds Memorial $1000 marine activity.

  222. Don’t Booze & Cruise stop friend from driving drunk $2,000

  223. Don’t text and drive HSup $1,500 msg why you pledge

  224. Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture, Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission Prizes for The Translation of Japanese Literature $2,500

  225. Donate jeans sclrp $5,000 Donate 2 jeans upload foto to the more donate more you enter.

  226. Donate period products to homeless shelters $5,000 Period products

  227. Foss Independence Day $5,000 essay"A Proud American

  228. Doodle 4 Google $30,000 art Cntst to students K-12, the Google Doodle sclrp ‘Google Doodle’ based on the topic “If I Could Invent One Thing to Make the World a Better Place…”

  229. D Howarth $2,000 Engr Women

  230. Dorothy Marchus Senesh in Peace & Development Studies for Women from Developing Countries $5,000 a year for 2 years Women from developing countries

  231. Seasonal $10,000 under 27 Drawing Jr Hup adult ed http://www.disinetgubg.

  232. Dow Jones Newspaper Fund Reporting Intern Minority Summer $1,000

  233. Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway ages 18-24 submit your story $100,000

  234. Dr. Abdulmunim A. Shakir sclrp 20 sclrps of $1,000 each merit

  235. Dr. Foster B. Gibbs student in the Saginaw school system

  236. Dr. Genaro Romo & HDA $1,000 Hspn Dental

  237. Dr. Juan Villarreal $1,000 & HDA Hspn dental

  238. Dr. O.L. (Jay) and Jean Ice Culinary Endowed Scholarship Macomb CC https://macomb.acad

  239. Walt Ristow $1,000 research paper history of cartography

  240. Dracula Dough $1,000 sclrp.

  241. DRAW sclrp Create distracted driving prevention program. Submit video

  242. Dream Award $15,000 increase by $1,000 each year until graduation

  243. Drive to Learn sclrp $1,000

  244. DTE Fndn Sphinx Comptn $50,000 Blk Latin string players submit video ofsolo

  245. DTE Fndn Sphinx Music Comptn submit video solo fee required.

  246. Duck Calling $2000 to see who has the best duck call and the winners get

  247. Duck Make a Prom outfit using Duck Tape $3,000

  248. Dupont Challenge, Science Essay Comptn $5,000

  249. Dupont Company Scholarship Soc Women Engineers $2,000 STEM chemical

  250. DuPont Company $1000 women in Engrn

e ee marker for searching

  1. EAA Air Academy-Cliff Robertson Work Experience $750 aviation related

  2. EAA Air Academy-Women Airforce Service Pilots $750 Internship

  3. EAA AirVenture Museum-Timken Aviation Studies $3,000

  4. EAA Aviation Fndn $1,000

  5. EAA Aviation Fndn $5,000 STEM

  6. EAA Aviation Fndn Cox $500

  7. EAA Aviation Fndn Hansen $1,000

  8. EAA Aviation Fndn

  9. EAA Aviation Fndn Milligan $1,000

  10. EAA Aviation Fndn Vernon $500

  11. EAA Clay Lacy Professional Pilot $12,000 aviation

  12. EAA David Alan Quick $1,000 aviation Aeronautical Engrng

  13. EAA Hansen $1,000 aviation

  14. EABD STEM $3,200 to experienced teachers

  15. Eagle Scout & Girl Scout Gold Award sclrp Program

  16. Eagle Scout $2,000 Scholarship Weil Jewish

  17. Eagle Scout Dofflemyer sclrp Stanford

  18. Eagle Scout Flda Institute of Tech $13,500

  19. Eagle Scout of the Year - Scholarships for College

  20. Eagle Scout sclrp Clarice Bagwell

  21. Eagle Scoutsclrps

  22. Earl I. Anderson sclrp

  23. Earle Fellows Memorial Fund $-+ nursing medical tech

  24. Early childhood studies to MCC

  25. Early-career Librarian sclrps

  26. Earth Day Award High School $500 an environmental project­s

  27. Earthwatch Student Challenge HS biology environment research Expeditions $expenses

  28. Eastern Orthodox Scouting sclrps $500-$1,000

  29. 5,000 sclrp asking pharmacies to remove tobacco products from eye-level shelves using social media

  30. Below is great site for easy sclrps! 

  31. College Money sclrp $1,000 HSup

  32. easy scholarship.

  33. Easy sclrps thru Comty service ages 13-25 no essays

  34. Eat Your Asparagus sclrp $3000 unusual sclrps related to the grocery industry. 

  35. eCampus Tours Sclrsp Giveaway $1,000

  36. Economic club Bus study abroad sclrp

  37. Ed And Dot Slade Israel Study sclrp at MSU Junior or above,for athletics past

  38. Eddie G. Robinson Fndn HS $5,000 chemical free general

  39. Edison Scholars Program:

  40. Edit Essay Cntst $100-$10,000 submit ANY college application essay, topic, or for any

  41. Edu Freedom Fund $1,000 Michigan residents K-8 1,600 awards

  42. Education Matters $5,000 essay does education matter

  43. Educational Advancement Fndn amt varies merit

  44. Educational Coms Scholarship Fndn $1,000 HS

  45. Educational Fndn Women in Accounting $2,000 at risk FinNd

  46. Educational Murray $1,500 children of mbrs 25 infantry Div

  47. Hendrickson/SAE Engr $5,500 merit in Engr No essay

  48. Edward Kelley Fndn $4,000 health medicine nursing soc sci edu

  49. Edward Astle Memorial Fndn $6,000 chemical free HSup

  50. Edwards Scholarship Fund FinNd $5,000 general

  51. Eileen Garrett sclrp $3,000 parapsychology

  52. Eiro Yamada Memorial descendent's of WWII vet not res of Hawaii

  53. Electronic Arts/William J. Byron Sclrp

  54. Electronic Document Fndn 40 sclrps $1000-$5000

  55. Elephant Tusk Force Flag ivory Craigslist to stop elephant poaching by $2,000

  56. Elie Wiesel Fndn for Humanity Prize in Ethics Essay $5,000

  57. Elie Wiesel Prize Ethics essay $5,000 ethical issue

  58. Eliz Durack $500 Canton Mich resident is non-traditional older student

  59. Elizabeth Greenshield Fndn Grants $12,500 aid artists Canadian

  60. Elks “Most Valuable Student” Comptn $15,000 HS 500 awards

  61. Elks Emergency Edu Fund $3,000 Grants child of deceased or disabled mbr

  62. Elks Gold Award $6,000 earned Girl Scout Gold Award HS

  63. Elks Legacy Awards $1,000 HS child of mbr

  64. Elks Most Valuable Student $4,000-$50,000 mbrship in Elks not required

  65. Elks National Foundation: Eagle Scout Awards $2,000

  66. Emmett Doerr Mem Distinguished Scout 5 $2,000

  67. Emojis Show Your Grandparents $10,000 Max Age 25 to improve lives of oldsters

  68. Empower Challenge $1,000 video on healthy and fulfilling relationships.

  69. End of Year sclrp $5,000 just 3-steps answer

  70. Endangered Language $1,000 proposal be FEL mbr

  71. Energy Industry Desk &Derrick Educational Trust

  72. EngineeEnvironmental Studies/Natural Sci $1,000 essay

  73. Engrng AACE International Competitive Sclrsps $8,000

  74. Engrng ACEC NY Sclrsp Program $5,000

  75. Engrng AFCCE Sclrsp $2,500

  76. Engrng Am Council of Engrng NY Scp $5,000

  77. Engrng Am Soc Naval Engeers $4,000

  78. Engrng Am Soc of Non Destructive Testing $20,000 grad

  79. Engrng AME Myrtle Walker Sclrsp $2,500 http://www.ameef

  80. Engrng American Chemical Soc Rubber Div Undergd Sclrsp $5,000

  81. Engrng American Soc Cert Engrng Technitions Small Cash Grant $500

  82. Engrng American Soc Mich Eng Old Guard Oral Presentation Comptn $2,000

  83. Engrng American Soc Non Destructive Testing Oliver Asnt Sclrsp $2,500

  84. Engrng and materials science Haniak Sclrsp $1,500

  85. Engrng ASME Belchley Sclrsp #3,000

  86. Engrng ASME First Clarke $5,000 HS

  87. Engrng ASME Fndn $11,000

  88. Engrng ASME Petroleum Div College Sclrsp $2,000

  89. Engrng ASME Roe Sclrsp $13,000

  90. Engrng ASME Student Sclrsp $1,000

  91. Engrng Battery Division Student Research Award $1,000

  92. Engrng Berna Lou Cartwright Sclrsp $3,000

  93. Engrng Bluetooth Breakthrough Award $5,000

  94. Engrng Buick Achievers Sclrsp $25,000

  95. Engrng Chemical Eng McKetta Sclrsp $5,000

  96. Engrng Composits Division Giles Sclrsp $2,500

  97. Engrng Corosion Engr MTI Krisher Memorial $5,000

  98. Engrng Corosn Engr PPG Protective Marine Coatings Acad $5,000

  99. Engrng Corrosion Division Cohen grad Award $1,000

  100. Engrng Dullis Sclrsp $1,500

  101. Engrng Duncan Sclrsp $5,000

  102. Engrng Education, American Soc for SMART Sclrsp

  103. Engrng Female UPS Sclrsp 4,000

  104. Engrng Fred Young Eng Sclrsp $1,000

  105. Engrng Future Engineers Sclrsp $5,000

  106. Engrng Gambrell UG Sclrsp $600

  107. Engrng Geological Marliave Fund

  108. Engrng Gilbreth Memorial Sclrsp $3,000

  109. Engrng Giullano Mazzetti Sclrsp

  110. Engrng Gordon Ranken Corrosion Eng $1,000

  111. Engrng Gracik Sclrsp $2,500

  112. Engrng Green $4,000

  113. Engrng Haas Fndn Manu Engrs $2,500

  114. Engrng IEEE Presidents' Sclrsp $10,000 HS

  115. Engrng IIE Council of Fellows UG Sclrsp $1,000

  116. Engrng Industrial Electrolysis Electrochemical Achievement $1,000

  117. Engrng Industrial Electrolysis Electrochemical Dow Memorial $1,000

  118. Engrng Industrial Engineers Presidents Sclrsp $1,000

  119. Engrng Industrial Fargher Sclrsp

  120. Engrng Industrial Imhoff Sclrsp $1,000

  121. Engrng Industrial Mundel Memorial $1,000

  122. Engrng Industrial Zaken Award $700

  123. Engrng Inge Marcus Sclrsp Inst Ind Engrs $1,000

  124. Engrng Injection Molding Div Sclrsp #3,000

  125. Engrng Inst Industrial Engrs Gardner $3,000

  126. Engrng International Gas Turbine Inst Sclrsp $2,000

  127. Engrng International Soc for Explosives Engineers SEE Edu Fndn Sclrsp

  128. Engrng International Soc for Optical Eng Optics & Photonics $11,000 HSup

  129. Engrng James Doolittle Sclrsp $5,000

  130. Engrng Johnson Memorial $750

  131. Engrng Magnon Memorial $2,500

  132. Engrng Marine Lester UG

  133. Engrng Mark Miller Sclrsp $5,000

  134. Engrng Marvin Zuidema sclrp ASCF mbrs http://sections.asce.ort/michigan

  135. Engrng Mary Dyrkacz Sclrsp $6,000

  136. Engrng Michael Kidger $5,000

  137. Engrng Michigan Engrng sclrps merit based

  138. Engrng Miller ASME Auxillary Sclrsp $2,000

  139. Engrng Moc Managing Engineers Directors Sclrsp

  140. Engrng NACE Eastern Area Sclrsp $3,000 http://www.nace foundatn

  141. Engrng NACE Fndn Academic Sclrcp $5,000 http://www.nace foundatn

  142. Engrng NACE Past Predsidents $2,500 http://www.nace foundatn

  143. Engrng Nat Soc Prof Engineers Kimel P E Sclrsp $2,500

  144. Engrng Nat SPE in Industry Sclrsp $2,500

  145. Engrng National Soc Professional Engineers Robbins Honorary Sclrsp

  146. Engrng National Student Design Comptn $500

  147. Engrng Othmer Fndn $1,000 chemical Engrng

  148. Engrng Parish Memorial $500

  149. Engrng PEG Management Fellowship NSPE $2,500

  150. Engrng Plastics Pioneers Assn Sclrsp $3.000

  151. Engrng Plastics Wang Sclrsp $2,000

  152. Engrng SAE Dawson Technical Sclrsp $1,500

  153. Engrng SAE International Hillquist Honorary Sclrsp $1,000

  154. Engrng SAE Long Term mbr Sclrsp $1,000

  155. Engrng SAE Yanmar Sclrsp $1,000

  156. Engrng SAEI Engrng Sclrsp $1,000

  157. Engrng Siereija Memorial Sclrsp $700

  158. Engrng SME Corrosion Harrington $1,200

  159. Engrng SME Corrosion Schiff $1,000

  160. Engrng Society Plastics Engineers Fndn Sclrsp $4,000

  161. Engrng SPE Neward sclrsp $3,000

  162. Engrng SPE Polymer Modifiers and Additives Div $4,000

  163. Engrng SPIE Travel Sclrsp $2,000 http://www.

  164. Engrng Thermoforming Division Memorial Sclrsp $5,000

  165. Engrng Thermoplastic Elastomers SIG Sclrsp $2,500

  166. Engrng Thermoplastic Materials, Foams Div Sclrsp $2,500

  167. Engrng Tom Powers Detroit Section Sclrsp $4,000

  168. Engrng UGuage Award AsfNDT $3,000

  169. Engrng Vinyl Division Sclrsp $3,000

  170. Engrng Woodside Founder Sclrsp $10,000

  171. Enginerg Amelia Earhart Fellowsps $10,000 women in science and Engrng

  172. English-Speaking Union Luard minority attending Negro coll

  173. Entomological Foundation: Bioquip Scholarship

  174. Entomological Foundation: Stan Beck Fellowship

  175. Entomological Society of America Comstock grad

  176. Entrance sclrp $15,000 merit

  177. Entrepreneurship essay

  178. Environment Apprentice Ecologist Initiative Youth $850

  179. Environment Blades of Green Sclrsp $1,000

  180. Environmental, National Health Assn Awards

  181. EOD Memorial Sclrp Explosive Ordnance Disposal related

  182. EPA Tribal Lands Environmental Science Scholarship $4,000

  183. Epilepsy Fondtn of Am Behavioral Sci soc social work psyc nursing rehab $3k

  184. equestrian American Hackney Horse Society $2,500 merit, need

  185. equestrian American Quarter Horse Fndn

  186. equestrian American Saddlebred Horse Assn $5,000

  187. equestrian Appaloosa Youth Assn $100

  188. equestrian Appaloosa Youth Assn Speech Cntst $100

  189. equestrian Appaloosa Youth Assn Youth Program $2,000

  190. equestrian College Preparatory Invitational $500 HS horse riders essay

  191. equestrian Ed Frickey Memorial $2,500 merit, need

  192. equestrian Flat rock Creek scp $2,500 merit, need

  193. equestrian Gerald O'Connor Michigan QHY sclrp $5000

  194. equestrian Harness Tracks of America Sclrsp $5,000

  195. equestrian Nat Sportsmanship Award $1,500 HS merit,

  196. equestrian SCPI Highest Point Hunt Seat horse Rider

  197. equestrian Sweet Karen Alumni Sclrsp $1,500 HSup

  198. equestrian Williams Photography $100 J Hs HS

  199. ESA Avenuers/Gallatin Endowment $1,000 HSup FinNd general

  200. ESA Danzo and Elsie Shiramizu $500 HSup FinNd general

  201. ESA Floyd Gray Endowment $500 HSup FinNd B students not higher general

  202. ESA Fndn Program Submit ANY college application essay. $500 About technology More grants

  203. ESA Fndn Schlosser Memorial $500 HSup FinNd general

  204. ESA Fndn sclrp- $3,000 be women or minority computer and video game arts.

  205. ESA Fndn sclrp- $500 be women or minority teaching. http://www.esaintl.Com/esaf

  206. ESA General Scholarship $500 HSup FinNd general

  207. ESA Jeanne Parker Honor $500 HSup FinNd B students not higher general

  208. ESA Lauretta M. Roberts Memorial $500 HSup FinNd general

  209. ESA Past International Council Presidents’ $500 HSup FinNd general

  210. ESA Rodger & Rhea Weaver Endowment $500 HSup FinNd general

  211. ESA Rosagene Huggins Memorial Endowment $1,000 HSup FinNd general

  212. ESA Ruth Gregg Memorial Endowment $1,000 HSup FinNd general

  213. ESA Virginia Taylor Honorarium Scholarship $500 HSup FinNd general

  214. ESA Willow C. Gray Endowment $500 HSup FinNd general

  215. Esperanto 3 NatAlphaMuGamma $750 at any accredited coll

  216. Esperanto Studies Fndn N Am Summer Courses have limited sclrps for those who want to learn Esperanto The International Language good source of information is

  217. Esperanto national collegiate foreign language honor society $1,000 annually Three Goddard, Indovina & Krakowski sclrps ($1,000) for any foreign language study. One James Fonseca sclrp ($500) for the study of Esperanto Sister Eloise-Thérèse $500

  218. Esperanto Norwich Jubilee Esperanto Fndn Travel Grants $1,600 To help students better learn The International Language

  219. Esperanto sclrps there are limited sclrps to help students learn Esperanto particularly during the summer college credit programs.